September 10, 2018

Musings: Surprise Scratchards

As much as I’m trying to save this year (and in general), I am also on a quest to win some money. I keep mentally planning what I’m going to do with these said winnings and its annoying me that it hasn’t happened yet. However if you do want know what I’ll do with it, check out my post here. 

This leads me nicely on to…

Scratchcard Winners is the number one blog page for all UK National Lottery Scratchcards past and present. We regularly feature information on new scratchcards and their availability in shops, as well as posting images of big winners on our social media pages. We love to run competitions and giveaways, so come and follow us on our website, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news.”

“I would definitely claim my winnings anonymously, still work for a bit and then miraculously fade into obscurity.” 


I was kindly sent a selection of scratch cards to try and when I opened the envelope it kinda reminded me of my trips to Vegas over the years. Its that little rush where you start to think… what if I win?

The Scratchcard Winner’s blog details all those lucky in the people who do. Congratulations!

Now you’re probably wondering how I got on…

Super 7s

Not going to lie I didn’t read the instructions for this one, I got excited and scratched everything off. Apparently, well, you’re meant to just scratch the numbers you’re given at the top. I found this game a little confusing (I like simplicity) but it does offer the chance of winning £250k, and nothing easy is worth having right? This card costs £3 and I’m not sure if I would purchase it to be honest, I think I’d rather get a £2 card and a £1 instead.

Instant £100

This one was straightforward, match two symbols and you win the amount next to it. There is also a bonus prize where if you match a lightening symbol you win too. NEXT TIME!

Jewel Smash

Similar to the game Bejewelled, match three symbols horizontally or vertically and you win that prize. Lady Luck wasn’t with me, but the symbols are pretty cool to look at? And at £2 it requires you to look a little deeper, so there’s that.

Red Hot 7s

If Vegas had a Scratchcard, this would be it!


However, I sadly didn’t win anything this time, but I gotta keep playing right? As they say:

You gotta be in it to win it…

Don’t forget to check out the Scratchcard Winners website hereThey run competitions every Tuesday and Friday so keep checking back and you could win some cash too!

Char xo

Please note, these were sent for my review, all views are my own. 

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  1. Faye Jessica says:

    I never have much luck with scratch cards but I love giving them a go.

    Faye Jessica |

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