September 21, 2018

Musings: 20 X Travel Tattoo Ideas

I know my good blogger pal Kasia has a post on travel blogger tattoos coming soon (I can’t wait to see it). I’ve also compiled 20 travel tattoo ideas you might want to consider.

When it comes to tattoos, they’re personal, might hold meaning or just might represent a point in your life and that’s the beauty of them. We all get them for different reasons. I got four new tattoos in one day back in August and it took my total from five to nine pieces of ink on my body and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What I love about travel tattoos is the different interpretations everyone has on them. You’ll be seeing a few of mine throughout this list. Hopefully they’ll inspire your next trip to the tattoo shop at home or on your travels.

1) Wanderlust

2) City skyline or country skyline

3) World map

4) Compass

5) Mountain

6) Plane (or any other type of transport)

7) Ocean wave

8) Palm tree or a tree representing the place you love

9) Your passport stamps and dates

10) Co-ordinates

…Think Angelina Jolie

11) Quote or phrase (My travel quotes post is coming soon)

12) Suitcase or backpack

13) Anchor

14) Animal relating to the place you love

15) A flag

16) Arrow

18) Flower from the place you love

19) Symbols or tattoo in the style of the country you’ve been. Think Rihanna’s hand tattoos:

20) Combination of these all

Do you have any tattoo related tattoos?

Char xo 

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