September 25, 2018

Musings: Finding Your Peace in Greece*

Greece, whether it is the mainland or the many beautiful Greek islands on offer, has long been a successful and sought after holiday destination. The weather during the spring and summer months is great, you have the beautiful beaches, the gorgeous white washed buildings and the food. The food is by far one of the biggest reasons people travel there, enjoying the likes of Greek kebabs, gorgeous pasta dishes and the famed Greek salad. Yum. But, if you do fancy a holiday in Greece where should you really be spending that all important week or two? I wanted to share with you some of the destinations that I think are worth adding to the list. I hope it gives you some holiday inspiration for your next jaunt away.


The Mainland

Greece’s isn’t just about the islands you know, the mainland has much to offer but because of the appeal of some of the islands it can often be overlooked. However, there is one big attraction to traveling to the mainland and that is Athens. The city that created the Olympic Games, the place that has Olympus, the home of the Greek Gods and the main man himself, Zeus. A beautiful city filled with culture, gorgeous bars and restaurants and amazing boutique hotels. Maybe even hiring a car would enable you to travel about and see more of the rural side of Greece. It could definitely be an adventure.


Maybe you like the idea of heading to the islands, and I don’t blame you. Some are more popular than others, and also some are more larger. Crete is one of the bigger islands around to spend a vacation, and the main port and capital is Heraklion. Although Heraklion is a great town, and car rental in Heraklion would be recommended, you can also use the opportunity to visit the archaeological museum and also the Bronze Age settlement that has been restored. It will be an eye opener and definitely an experience not to be missed. Create has some amazing beaches and resorts, and you are bound to enjoy your stay on this island.



Santorini is by far one of the islands that you will find on many bucket lists. Thanks to the cobbled streets, the gorgeous white washed buildings with the fabulous blue backdrop. What you see on paper looks exactly how you find it when you get there. Perhaps not a place for families with all the mobility issues of walking on uneven streets in confined spaces, but definitely a place for destination weddings, a couples getaway or  a relaxed break with friends. Santorini is also a stop on many cruises, so it could be the perfect way to sample the island and get your fill of the beautiful scenery without the need to stay there and spend your whole holiday on that island.




Perhaps you like the idea of another Greek island that has some fame and that is Mykonos. Many say that this island is the millionaires playground, which can be reflected in the cost of food and drink compared to some of the islands. However, the film Mamma Mia was filmed there, so it is definitely worthwhile to see just for that very reason. Mykonos is also a beautiful island, and with fabulous beaches and glossy blue seas, there really is something for everyone here.



Rhodes is definitely a popular holiday destination not just for couples but for friends and also families. Beautiful Lindos can often be a popular destination to visit, and definitely could be an ideal place to spend your time. Again Rhodes is full of lovely quaint little towns as well as fabulous beaches, and there are quieter towns as well as busier locations such as Faliraki. Which is definitely well-known for its party scene.



Finally, you have the island of Corfu. A more mountainous region as well as resort studded coastline, there is again something for everyone on this island. There is a slight cultural difference on this island after spending years under British, Venetian and French rulings, but it joined with Greece back in 1864. There is a heavily Greek influence now, but in some of the architecture and especially in Corfu town you can see the slight differences. As a holiday destination, it really has it all.

I hope this has given you something to think about when it comes to Greece and taking a holiday there. Cruises can often be done of all the islands and this enables you to really sample the different qualities each element of Greece can offer. I hope you have al the inspiration you need to consider a Greek adventure for a future holiday.

Char xo

Images sourced from Unsplash. 

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