October 8, 2018

Musings: Finding My Calm In London

If you hadn’t already read my ‘I’m Over It‘ post, you might know I’m having a little crisis as of late. Perhaps its the change in weather, a monotonous routine or just a need to focus on something? What I do find stressful is living in London. Yes its glamourised as one of the most exciting and buzzy cities in the world but I fall out of love with it day after the day. My commute is what I’d call hectic with but I have been trying to implement a few things in my routine to get me out of this funk I’ve been feeling.

Kathleen Natural’s Roll-on Body and Massage Oils

One of them is the Kathleen Natural’s Roll-on Body and Massage Oils which I was kindly sent to review. The collection is scented with three blended, pure essential oils (a top note, heart note and base note) to cover every mood:

💚 1. Citrus Cheer – Uplift and awakens your senses. The Essential Oils included: (Top Note) Lemon Essential Oil, (Heart Note) Rosewood Essential Oil and (Base Note) Geranium Essential Oil

💜 2. Tranquil Fields – Brings you a sense of calm and inner peace. The Essential Oils included: (Top Note) Lavender Essential Oil, (Heart Note) Frankincense Essential Oil and (Base Note) Vanilla Essential Oil

❤️ 3. Sensual Rose Duo – Boost positivity and enhances feelings of joy. The Essential Oils included: (Top Note) Orange Essential Oil, (Heart Note) Rose Essential Oil and (Base Note) Nutemeg Essential Oil

I received the ‘Tranquil Fields’ one to try and its really been helping me transport somewhere other than my current surroundings. It worked by rolling a little on my wrist and letting the scent linger in the air. Not only that, at 10ml it’s the perfect travel size for throwing in your handbag or cabin luggage.





I never really listened until The Receipts Podcast came out but they’re proving much more beneficial in my day to day life. As much as I love music, it can get a little repetitive and sometimes you head might not be in it. A few I’ve been loving lately are:

Not only that, they’re great for picking up a skill and putting your thoughts in a good place before the day begins.

Image sourced from Unsplash.

Staying in

Yep, that’s it. Staying inside and avoiding London is one of the best ways to find ‘my calm’.

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Char xo

Please note, the product was sent for my review but all views are my own. 

5 responses to “Musings: Finding My Calm In London”

  1. Bambi says:

    I use roll-ons too, usually the lavender one before I go to sleep. They really help me stay calm 🙂

  2. […] Musings: Finding My Calm In London […]

  3. […] Musings: Finding My Calm In London […]

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