November 15, 2018

Musings: Vacation Stress – 3 Methods To Simply Be Done With It*

Vacations are of course part of our yearly recreational time, but they can be very stressful in equal measure. Unless opting for a perfect pre-arranged package, we can often feel quite worried about how the vacation will turn out, especially if we haven’t applied absolutely everything of ourselves to knowing where to go and what to do. Some of us thrive on this unknown, but others might feel completely lost with it, particularly when visiting a new country or culture.


Vacation stress can be quite worrying, but it needn’t ruin you and what you have to offer. We’d recommend taking care of this worry in order to focus on the actual content of your vacation, and enjoy the possibility it brings. Consider:


Morning Meditation


Morning meditation can help you attack the day with much more presence, and rapidity. It can sooth a night of difficult sleep, or help you remove the stress of the unknown. It can also very much help jet lag and the stress associated with long-term travel exhaustion. For this reason, definitely make at least fifteen minutes of meditation part of your morning sleep schedule, as this can help you stay focused, fresh and able to fully enjoy the day you have crafted for yourself. However, be sure that this morning meditation is mediated by catching up on a lack of sleep, as there’s nothing quite as difficult to enjoy as a vacation bundled with activity when you’re hardly awake. We’d also recommend avoiding alcohol as much as possible for this purpose. A crisp mind is very important to steward in the morning.

It’s All In The Preparation


The day you enjoy is all in how you prepare it. Don’t make last-minute plans. Instead, using resources like those offered by, you might allow an arrangements service to help you make the most of your day, and to help you thoroughly enjoy each activity while keeping up a pace to keep things feeling fresh and novel. When you have something like this supporting your time abroad, you’ll often feel much more connected to that you’re experiencing, because the planning will be less of a frenzied requirement you have to deal with each day.


Don’t Go It Alone

Go with someone. While many romantic blogs suggest that solo travel can invigorate your spirit and help you learn about the world on your own terms (it can,) sometimes there’s nothing quite as important as sharing memories with someone else, sharing the laughter and yes, the stresses too. This can help the event take on a lighter air, and give you a sense of companionship that you can complain to or celebrate matters with. Unless you’re a seasoned traveller on familiar ground, we’d recommend traveling with at least one other person to help things go smoothly, and by that we mean a responsible person you don’t have to take care of.


With these simple tips, ridding yourself of vacation stress should be more than possible.


Char xo

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