November 21, 2018

Musings: Trying Out M&S Opticians – A Review

Westfield London is a myriad of retail stores and it can feel like forever and a day to find the store you really need. However, Marks & Spencer, is easy to find and takes over a pretty portion of the shopping centre. You may wonder what I was doing there? Well I was kindly asked to review their new optician services and it worked out perfectly as I was due for an eye test.

The Service

I was greeted straightaway by the friendly staff and asked to take a seat whilst the previous appointment finished. Whilst I sat down, I took in how clean the surroundings were and how well it blended in with the rest of the store. You could do your weekly shop, get a new wardrobe and get your eyes tested too = time saved. 

After a few minutes, I was invited into what I’m going to call the testing room because my technical attempt will be wrong. Here are some thoughts of my experience:

Seeing a little clearer…

My prescription only went up slightly in my left eye thankfully. This meant I would still need a new pair of glasses though…

As someone who is short-sighted as well as clumsy, I’m either breaking my glasses or buying them, there is no in-between. The specs on offer at M&S were timeless and I could see women and men of all ages and personal styles rocking them. I went for this pair:

Ironically I still need to head back down and pick them up, but I’m excited for my future specs appeal. It seems like life will be a little clearer before 2020.

Getting booked in

I had to cancel my original appointment as I wasn’t feeling well (read: hungover), but it was super easy to reschedule. Even though I hate using the phone (millennial problems), I got through to someone straightaway and was able to arrange my appointment at a time convenient to me. Best of all, they send you a helpful text reminder the day before. This also has details of where the appointment is if you miraculously forget or if you need to rearrange last minute.

You can book your appointment here.

Overall, my M&S Opticians experience was fantastic. The staff were friendly, professional and helpful and the selection of frames on offer was great too. I can’t wait to see how the service evolves across the UK!

Did you know M&S had an optician service?

Char xo

Please note, I was Kindly asked to review the M&S optician service in exchange for a complimentary pair of glasses. All views are my own.

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