January 9, 2019

​Musings: Keeping Up With KoKo Lashes – A Review

Please note, these products were sent for my review. 

Is this slowly becoming a beauty blog again? Just a tad… but in-between trips and because my content can’t be all travel, sometimes its good to indulge in a little beauty. That’s where I bring to your attention KoKo Lashes. To describe it even better…
The stunning lash styles in the KoKo Lashes collection range from dramatic to softer, more natural looks – they even offer a range of lower lashes, and accent lashes – there truly is something to suit everyone. Whether you’re looking for the perfect party lash, or a more every day pair of falsies, KoKo Lashes have an amazing range to offer, and we are confident you’ll find a lash you love.
I used to be able to put in false eyelashes so easily in my heyday but once you stop doing something for a while you can’t remember how to do it. Don’t get me started on driving on that note. 
My vow for 2019 is to get through my beauty products, get better at make up and live my lash life. I’ve always said it – lashes make the look, make you eyes pop and add that extra something. However, when you’re in a rush and you’re not confident with applying them yourself, false eyelashes can seem scary.

Practice makes perfect or this tool will:

This made applying lashes easier even though it took a fair few attempts.

KoKo lashes give you that luxe look without breaking the bank and best of all they’re cruelty free. I was sent the styles Misha and Goddess and they’re just SO beautiful. I mean LOOK:

They’re perfect for nights out or just adding a little ‘POP’ to a casual look. As a contact lens wearer I found them weightless which is a huge bonus in my eyes (excuse the pun). You can find the full suite of KoKo lashes here. 

*Orders one of each*

I can’t wait to take them with me on my travels this year!

Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2019?

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Char xo

Please note, these products were sent for my review from the lovely team at Falseeyelashes.co.uk but all views are my own. 

2 responses to “​Musings: Keeping Up With KoKo Lashes – A Review”

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love eyelashes and only buy cruelty free so i loved this review! Will be my buy next time i need false lashes.
    Thank you for posting!


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