August 5, 2019

Memoirs: 5 Things I’ve Learnt From Launching a Podcast

Please note, these items were gifted from the team at USB Makers.

Back on Sunday 7th July, I launched a podcast called The Hustle Hotline with my good friend, Jess, from LWIG. 

It’s Nerve-Wracking

I despise public speaking and you’ll never catch me vlogging… However a podcast is the perfect medium between these two. Its public speaking on my own terms and with my control over the edit.

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Editing is Easy

Much like writing, editing is like putting together the best bits of your “soul”. You can create your own style but most of all have fun with it. The Hustle Hotline is based on those old 90s radio shows but with a modern twist. I tried to emulate this by adding a DJ drop and phone sounds but not overdoing it so it doesn’t takeaway from the content.

Constructive Criticism Helps

Sending around your podcast to family and friends and asking for the feedback is the best way to get better and progress. Or take your project back to the drawing board. Having feedback early on really helped drive the vision of the podcast and confirm we were on track.

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EPISODE ONE – THE INTRO If we’re honest we were a little nervous when we recorded this back in March but it gets better! You can listen to us on @Soundcloud – and on Apple Podcasts + @castbox_fm by searching ‘hustle hotline’ . . Let us know what topics you’d like us to talk about by commenting below! ☎️💚 [079 #HustleHotline] . . . . #podcasts #podcast #podcasting #podcaster #podcastlife #itunes #music #radio #comedy #spotify #podcasters #love #podcastshow #entrepreneur #soundcloud #youtube #business #hiphop #podcastersofinstagram #dj #motivation #rap #fashion #radioshow #newmusic #artist #podcastinglife

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You can listen to The Hustle Hotline here.

You’ll Run Out of Battery… 

If you’re recording on the go like me and Jess occasionally do if we can’t make it to the studio then no doubt you’ll run out of battery. This is what I like to dub ‘smart phone / dumb battery’.

I was kindly sent personalised power banks from the team at USB Makers emblazoned with the podcast logo and I am so impressed! They’re credit card sized and fit perfectly in a small bag, pocket or desk drawer. Not only that, the delivery is super quick, they’ll be in here just in time for dead battery o’clock.

Best of all, if you need to record a podcast on the go, you’ll know these will give you the juice you need!

Your artwork is printed on to the credit card sized chargers and you’ll be sent a proof before they hit the production line.

Don’t get me started on the surprise chocolate too? It’s so lovely to have something that connects you to a brand and it was definitely memorable.

Consistency is Key 

To quote a post of mine from earlier this year:


Whether its blogging, fitness, or honing a skill, now is the time to be consistent. You owe it to yourself. Consistency is the key. All you need is time to make sure it happens.

What do you need before you decided to be consistent – a plan. Where do you envision this consistency taking you in 3 month, 6 months, or even a years time? What is it you want to do? Where will it take you and how will it make you successful in your own right?

Read the full post here.

Would you ever set up your own podcast? Do you always need a portable charger whilst you’re on the go?

Make sure to stay tuned to my social media channels over the next few weeks as we’ll be giving four of these charger away! (Links are at the bottom of this page).

Char xo

Please note, these items were gifted from the team at USB Makers, all views are my own. 

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