November 7, 2019

Musings: Trying Out The New Three App

Please note this post is in collaboration with Three UK; all views are my own. 

I have been a Three UK customer since they first introduced video-calling back in 2003 (I think?) and phones were the size and weight of bricks. My oh my haven’t we all come a long way. Now I use my phone more as an internal portal than it’s sole purpose. Whenever someone calls me I see it as an interruption (introvert life) and wait for to stop ringing so I can continue looking at memes…

Anyway, that leads me on nicely to the shiny new Three app! If you hate speaking on the phone like me, it gives you a few new ways for you to get in touch without the need for going in store or calling through to customer service. 

Available on iOS (Apple users) and Android, it now offers you complete control of your account. I used to dread when my monthly ‘e-bill is ready’ came through but now that I can effortlessly check my balance it’s little less scary. Even if my plan is all-you-can-eat, it’s good to be in the know!  

“Effortlessly check your balance and allowances, view your bills, find support, talk to us via Live Chat and lots more.

Three Live can be found on our website. These 30-minute sessions, our expert presenters will demo one or two of the latest phones and tablets live. They showcase all the features and functions and you can ask for stuff you’d particularly like to see. All you need to do is click the Three Live link on the store pages. If you’ve got a question for customer services, just click on the ‘Live chat with us now’ option and choose ‘Get customer service support’.

Three Store Now puts the sales assistant right in your hand. If you’re buying online and want some advice, simply press ‘Live Chat with us now’ on any product page and select ‘find the right deal for me’. You’ll be put in touch with a real sales assistant in store who will be able to take you through your questions.”

Previously I would check my balance on a desktop because I’m old school but now I can check do it through the tap of my home screen. Gotta love technology!

Best of all, with Three and me being a frequent traveller, I can use my data at no extra cost abroad and this is one of the reasons I will stick around. Why spend more when you don’t have to spend at all?

Find out more and download here.

Char xo

Please note this post is in collaboration with Three UK; all
views are my own.  

One response to “Musings: Trying Out The New Three App”

  1. Claire says:

    I’m not a 3 customer but my provider has an app and it makes life so much easier.

    I can track all I need, arrange my upgrade and contact them.

    I can see why you like the app so much x

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