January 10, 2016

Musings: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn… All the Hotels I Wanna Stay In

10,000 bonus points* if you guess what song the title of this blog post is from…

I love researching where I’m going next and what hotel I want to stay in that particular destination. Sure, some might argue that you’re only in the hotel to sleep and leave your luggage, which I completely get. But if you’re only somewhere once, why not make it a little unique and interesting? After all it is your home away from home for a few days, make it special

The One & Only, Cape Town, South Africa

The One & Only in Cape Town, South Africa is situated right next to Table Mountain and my oh my don’t the views look amazing?

The Table Mountain suite looks divine and who wouldn’t want to take a morning soak whilst gazing out at the beautiful mountain than engulfs the South African horizon. I’d never really considered South Africa as a holiday destination but I have always wanted to go on safari and visit a vineyard. After some research, I’ve realised South Africa is much more than Table Mountain, wine, and safari, the country incorporates 11 languages into its rich and vibrant culture. I cannot wait to visit someday.

Prices – £247 – £1,016 

Star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Shangri-La, Paris, France

I’ve visited the City of Light a few times in my life and every time I return home, I feel full of hope and love. The Shangri-La Hotel Paris is everything you could ask for in a Parisian adventure. Architecturally, it looks sublime, even has a swimming pool, but what makes me want to stay the most is the stunning views of the Eiffel tower.

It must look so beautiful by day to walk out on your balcony and see this iconic landmark, but even more magical by night. I could imagine coming here for a trip with the girls or even on my own for some me time.

Price per night – £525 – £1,241

Star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

W Hotel Verbier, Switzerland

You’re probably thinking, Char wants to do a cold holiday? Is she out of her mind? Maybe a little… 

I’ve been to London’s W Hotel a few times for drinks and have been really impressed. There is something about the W Hotel chain that is young, fresh and modern that I really like. Having done some research, I discovered they have a hotel in Verbier, Switzerland, with stunning vistas of the mountain range. Not that I’ve ever been skiing or stayed anywhere where snow is more prosperous than the UK’s rainfall, I’m a firm believer in trying everything once. Not only that, but the W Hotel Verbier has a spa, after a day out on the slopes, what more could you want that a massage and a mimosa. Sign me up to get piste anytime…

Price per night – £238 – £689

Star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

St. Regis, New York, USA 

I love NYC SO much.

If you’ve stalked my Pinterest board you’d probably know that this is the place I dream of attending or having my own wedding one day. Doesn’t that sound thirsty as hell? But one must be prepared.

Located in Manhattan, the luxurious St. Regis hotel is the epitome of timeless glamour, opulence, and decadence. As much as I love modern, contemporary hotels and buildings, there is something magical about the rich history of the St. Regis Hotel. If you’ve ever watched Gossip Girl, you’d also remember that Blair married her French prince here. If it is fit enough for Queen B, it is fit enough for me. I’m actually going to New York next month, sadly not staying at the St. Regis but the artsy Quin hotel. New York, being the beating heart of the Western world has so many hotels around every corner, so the choice is enormous, but I always find myself coveting the St. Regis. One day…

Price per night – £491 – £866

Star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you’d like to find out what places I want to visit or some travel tips, check out my post here and here. I hope they help or inspire you in some way!

What hotels do you dream of staying in?

Char xo

*Bonus points are valid for eternal gratitude. 

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