November 22, 2016

Musings: Airport Annoyances

Here are few things that make my skin crawl whilst at my favourite place… the airport:


Image sourced from Unsplash.

Queues at the check-in desk… ugh, I’ve dragged my suitcase halfway across London, please relive me of it, but make sure it turns up safely in my next destination.

Children on Trunkis.
Children who cry.
Okay, I’m not having kids anytime soon and they annoy me okay? 

Wearing a nice outfit and coming out of security looking a hot mess afterwards. Why do I even bother? I’m going to invest in some decent looking pyjama clothes next time.

Stag and Hen Do’s … Actually these aren’t annoying, they’re pure GOLD and make for great people watching. I love seeing what T-shirts they come up with. Hello SHARON’S BENIDORM 2K16 BONANZA!

Going through the duty-free store and being sprayed with whatever the staff has been pushed to sell. No thank you, I’ll stick to Britney’s Midnight Fantasy any day.

The gates… why you so far away? *Usain Bolts through the airport*

People who stand still on those moving walkways. JUST MOVE PLEASE. 

People who rush to board the plane… when I’m sure we all have allocated seats, otherwise it wouldn’t be on your boarding card?


Those people who stand right in front of the baggage carousel and act proper miserable when you ask them to move when you see your case coming round.

What annoys you most about the whole airport experience?

Char xo

15 responses to “Musings: Airport Annoyances”

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  6. effcaa says:

    I’m actually in love with airports! Love love love the travel vibes and that there is a reason to line up at the gate even though seats are allocated: i once had an argument that they wanted to check in my handluggage because the cabin was full already.
    xx finja |

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