November 28, 2016

Musings: Into Indonesia…

I often wonder where I want to go to next and the compass in my mind lately has been pointing East towards all that is  Asia.

Japan, Thailand, Korea, China,  Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and so many more…

Image sourced from Stocksnap

Image sourced from Stocksnap


There is so much to explore, see, taste, smell and best of all learn. From Mount Fuji in Japan to the beautiful rolling terrains that are home to some of the oldest cultural traditions in the world. Asia has it all.

At the moment, I am strongly considering planning my next adventure to Indonesia. Located in Southeast Asia, this beautiful country and the surrounding islands is a long way away from my London reality (Approximately 18 hours and multiple flights). But despite the long journey, I can already tell a trip to Indonesia will be all worth it.


Image sourced from Unsplash

Weather to go?

Google tells me that the weather is pretty much 28C all year round but it is split into two seasons – wet and dry. I suppose anytime would be worth a visit, especially as rain passes onwards and can’t really spoil your trip unless it was a major tropical storm. It is also great that it remains this high of a temperature all year round as some places dramatically dip in Winter (not by much, but it still makes a difference). I would personally visit when the flights are cheap and I had enough time off to make it worthwhile. A week wouldn’t suffice after 18 hours of flying…


Where to stay?

There are so many places to visit in Indonesia from beautiful Bali, Lombok, Ubud, Malang – each with their own unique traits and personalities. I reckon I would start off in Jakarta, the huge Indonesian capital filled with markets, a buzzing nightlife and my favourite… the spa. What is hard to find in London, Jakarta is home to an abundance of places dedicated to tranquility. One hotel in particular that has caught my eye is Hotel Mulia, a beautiful high rise building with a brilliant location surrounded by scenery and malls. I’ve found some great Traveloka hotel deals and cannot wait to get something booked!


What to eat?

I must admit, I don’t really know much about Indonesian cuisine as it is not really something I’ve ventured into in London but from researching this post I have discovered a wealth of hunger. Each region’s cuisine differs greatly with influences from China, India and the Middle East – I can only imagine how intensely flavourful it may be and definitely healthier than my daily choices here in London. This has definitely inspired me to do a little Indonesian cuisine research and see what London has on offer!


There are great deal of reasons to visit Indonesia, not just food, weather and beautiful hotels, but the people, culture and the scenery. I’m not sure when I will get to go but if I see a decent deal it’ll definitely be on the cards.


Have you been? Do you have any recommendations?


Char xo


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