December 16, 2016

Musings: Hair Rehab with TIGI

As soon as Winter seeps in, everything becomes cold, dry and moisture is a long forgotten friend. I suffer from dry skin and even drier hair which tends to break and become brittle as the colder months go on.

I was kindly sent the TIGI Bed Head Resurrection shampoo and conditioner to try which is specially formulated for dry and brittle hair. Perfect for me right now… 💆🏽

The bottles I received were absolutely HUGE and I could tell my whole household will be using them at some point this Winter. Gotta keep it in the family right? Being that they were 750ml each, it was enough for me to decant into smaller bottles and take them with me to my trip last week to Cape Verde.
My hair texture is a strange mix of curly, wavy and straight at the moment due to over styling and growing out September’s Brazilian blow dry. On holiday, my hair much gets fried by the chlorine and dried by the sun. I am always conscious that this is a recipe for disaster, so I made sure to douse my hair with plenty of conditioner.

The packaging is bold, sleek and it makes it feel like it really was prescribed for your mane. I absolutely LOVED the smell and it brought back memories of raiding the penny sweets as a child due to its sugary nature. The best thing was that it was subtle enough not to feel like your hair was overpowered with a heavy fragrance or that it was stripping your hair of any necessary oils.

Having used both shampoo and conditioner for the past few weeks, I can already feel the impact it has made, especially in a warm climate. It gave me the confidence to wear my hair out curly which is something I never do! See:

I will be rotating this range with another shampoo and conditioner set just so my hair doesn’t become resistant to it over the next couple of months. The best thing you can do is listen to your hair – as stupid as it sounds. Mine is dry, therefore it needs the moisture resurrection rehab to give it life and get that Kardashianesque shine we all want but won’t admit to.

But I cannot finish this Musings post without mentioning the bargainous price this retails at; especially come up to New Years when we start becoming conscious of our pennies. Both shampoo and conditioner, as well as other ranges are only £12.99 on the Quality Discount website. That is a quality discount if you ask me, considering TIGI is a quality brand and hair professionals swear by their products.

Does your hair need a little rehab this Winter?

Char xo

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