December 24, 2016

Musings: Get to KNOW Your Brows!

I was kindly given the ‘No Bare Brows’ eyebrow kit to try over the past few weeks and all I can say is that I have really enjoyed using it. If you know me, one of my pet peeves is bad eyebrows; they frame the face don’t you know?

No Bare Brows

The No Bare Brows eyebrow kit comes with four useful tools to get those unruly brows tamed and on their way to fleek… The first tool is the brow pencil in a universal shade, which I wasn’t sure about at first as I always find that some products are either too light, too ashy or too red. This colour, which you can see against my skin tone below is more along the neutral/taupe side. I reckon it’d work well for most hair shades unless you have very very fair hair. I have dark brown, almost black hair and this worked really well for me.

No Bare Brows - 4 in 1 brow tamer...

No Bare Brows – 4 in 1 brow tamer…

Additionally, the other side of the pencil is the invisible taming wax which is great if you’re in a hurry, want a very simple look for the gym or travelling. I found this worked great alongside my other brow products when I wanted a more intense look and it kept them in place. There is nothing worse than doing your make up and a few hours later your brows have been a mess.

The product also comes with two useful interchangeable caps – a sharpener and eyebrow brush. This is SO convenient if you’re always on the go like me or trying to save space in your hand luggage. My tip is to keep the No Bare Brows kit in the lovely rose gold box it comes with to stop you losing anything. I recently went to Cape Verde and this was my go to product everyday as I forgoed my full face make up routine I had to keep my brows intact…

I’m aware I look tired but YOLO

Overall, I really liked this product, if you’re looking for a natural eyebrow look and don’t like the heavy brow trend this will definitely be for you.

Have you tried No Bare Brow before? What are your favourite brow products?

Char xo


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