January 2, 2017

Musings: Luggage Lust

I used to lust after designer bags, designer purses and I did have a designer watch phase but these days those things don’t bother me much. All I can think of doing is booking flights, what I’m going to pack and if I’m going to need to book extra luggage.

Image sourced from Unsplash

I’m trying to worry about material things less but that doesn’t mean I can’t window shop… right? If money was no option, this would be dragged along Heathrow Terminal 3it is the Queen’s terminal after all.
Louis Vuitton
I don’t like hugely emblazoned designer pieces which LV can sometimes be known for. My favourite colour is black, it’s sleek, it never goes out of style and it suits everyone. These pieces of luggage are expensive, beautiful and when I make it in the world I won’t worry about them being chucked by baggage handlers.
Globe Trotter
I lust after these Globe Trotter pieces for the exact opposite reason I lust after the LV set above. They’re old school, the sort of luggage you hand down and I reckon they’d get better with age.
As much as I love black, grey and all neutrals to wear, I absolutely adore brightly coloured luggage. It’s easy to spot on the baggage carousel and saves you thinking every Dunlop suitcase is yours (You know the one from Sports Direct) and the hard shell casing means it will withstand being knocked about.
These suitcases do look amazing, but let’s be real, they’re more than the cost of a city break, baggage handlers throw them around and if they get lost… well you’re f*cked.
All that matters is the memories you make and the thoughts you come home with. Just make sure you remember your passport, visa and travel documents. For good measure, I’ve included a few passport cases I’m also lusting after…
Kate Spade
kate-spade-pink-passport-cover-1 kate-spade-pink-passport-cover-2
It’s pink… so again easy to find, there is space for you boarding cards and credit card slots so you can do a little duty-free shopping too…
This is the feeling I get when I turn on my out of office… I’m outta here…
Louis Vuitton
This passport cover is £310… more than a city break to Europe including spending money. I love that you can customise it with your initials or something else. This would make a great gift for yourself or someone else…
What brand of luggage do you swear by?

Char xo

12 responses to “Musings: Luggage Lust”

  1. Eleanor May says:

    I want everything you just posted! Especially the Kate Spade passport holder, it’s so pretty!

  2. chavamazal says:

    Those antler suitcases are so fun and not all that expensive, at least relative to the others you posted. I would love to be seen rolling that LV black suitcase behind me, tho. Seriously envy-worthy.

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  9. Sy says:

    2k on a suitcase, when I know how people be dashing my luggage like ping pong. SHOCKING hahaaa.

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