January 7, 2017

Memoirs: Cape Verde – Part 2

Waking up in Cape Verde in early December will probably one of my most cherished memories of 2016. I’d honestly been so adjusted to London weather that I assumed the island of Sal would be cold too… yeah right. It turned out to be 27C with blue skies, tranquil scenery and the breeze to cool you down from the Atlantic.

Me being me woke up at 5am, probably still on London time (only an hour ahead) so I spent some time on my phone as per usual before waiting for Emma to wake up. We quickly got ready, applied the all-important sun cream and were ready for our Cape Verdean adventures.

The Sol Dunas resort was absolutely huge and we were lucky enough that our room was right next to a pool and only a 5-minute walk away from the lobby. When reading up on the resort a few people were complaining that it was too big; but I thought it was good, especially if you’re going to be knee-deep in the all-inclusive buffet.

On the subject of the buffet, it really exceeded our expectations. I’ve been on my fair share of all-inclusive holidays (Dominican Republic, Tunisia and Majorca) and the food in the Sol Dunas was on par with the DR. It’s always a risk going all-inclusive as sometimes the drinks are watered down, the food is re-heated and the facilities are a bit weathered. However, the Sol Dunas is fairly new (as is Cape Verde as a holiday destination), so there are bound to be a few hiccups. The buffet in the Sol Dunas is shared with its sister hotel, the Melia Dunas was at Spices. On first entry, it is absolutely huge, the food is replenished often and there is SO much on offer. If you’re feeling homesick (or hungover), they have English sausages as well as everything else to give your regular fry up. If you’re Vegan, vegetarian or have any intolerances, the dishes are clearly labelled.

Emma and I LOVED the ‘oven eggs’ which were basically boiled eggs in the shape of a flower. We loaded our plates were everything and anything and you know the food was good when we sat in pure silence together. 🍳

Our first proper day was going to be spent by the pool and to be honest it was exactly what I needed. Sometimes you forget how stressed out life makes you and how important your health and wellbeing is. I ‘try’ to implement my self-care routine in London as much as I can but I slip.


After breakfast, we strolled happily back to the pool near our room, found some sun loungers and set up home for the day. Whenever Emma and I are on holiday we drink from dawn to dusk, so it was no surprise we enjoyed a ‘Love on the Beach’ at 10am. Not us – a cocktail… HA!

Another thing to note about all-inclusive is that sometimes the drinks come in small plastic cups which mean you have to annoyingly order double or triple at a time as they generally overload it with ice (Just saying). The Sol Dunas was the opposite and you can see from my photo below that the glass resembles the cocktail emoji…. Well done.


If I’m honest, not much happened on our first day apart from this AWESOME kitten which took a nap right next to me. I always knew I was a cat lady without the cat. 🐱 🍹

img_4826 img_4841 img_4834
Some may say you don’t ‘travel’ if you sit by the pool all holiday but if I’m honest every holiday is different and we all travel for very different reasons. It’s what it means to you and what you get out of it. As long as I return home refreshed, relaxed and inspired I know I’ve had a good time…

You can read part one of my Cape Verde adventures here.


Char xo

14 responses to “Memoirs: Cape Verde – Part 2”

  1. waastedyears says:

    Oh it looks gorgeous 😍
    I’ve only been abroad once! But this is definitely on my list of places to go now!

  2. Katie says:

    Looks like you had an amazing time and that cat is so cute!

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  8. Ronke says:

    ‪Cape Verde is on my list. I like the found of the all inclusive…its been ages since I’ve booked one.‬

    • Thanks so much for commenting Ronke! Would definitely recommend an all inclusive holiday, it saves SO much £££ in the long run! Hope you find something you like <3 Char xo

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