January 10, 2017

Musings: My LA ‘To Do’ List

I went to LA last October and before I went I’d complied a list of things to do. Although I didn’t do everything on this list, I thought I would share it with you…


Things to do…

Venice Beach (Rollerskating)
Hollywood Forever cemetary


Santa Monica beach…

Rodeo Drive
The Real
Universal Studios – An ABSOLUTE must if you’re into movies! Even if you’re not, it is a fun day out with friends, as a couple or your family.
The Dash store

The pool at the Beverly Hilton

The pool at the Beverly Hilton

The Beverly Hills sign
Hollywood Sign – You can get a great view from the Walk of Fame. 
Runyon Canyon
Griffith Park

img_2365 img_2327 img_1822 img_1854
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Mr Chow
TMZ Tour – Brilliant if you know your celebs!
Marina Del Rey

Bubba Gump on Santa Monica Pier...

Bubba Gump on Santa Monica Pier…

The Grove
Camarillo Premium Outlets
The Beverly Hilton – They host a ton of events like the Golden Globes…
The Abbey
Santa Monica Pier/Venice Beach

Chateau Marmont
Infinity room at The broad
The Stahl House
Skybar (The Mondrian)
Red Lobster


Milk (i.e. ice cream macaroons)
Pop bar, Anaheim (ice lollies)
Uncle bill’s pancake house
Half and Half (bubble tea)

Phuoc Loc Tho
Fishing with Dynamite
Little Sister, manhattan beach
The Crab Pot (Long Beach)
In N Out Burger
Philippe the Original, Chinatown
Hae Jang Chon
Road to Seoul
The Boiling Crab
California donuts
It’s Boba Time
Hooters – Hoot hoot…
Fat Burger
Eggslut – I wonder what those eggs get up to at night 😉
Mr Chow

Let me know if you’ve visited any of those, your thoughts and if there is anything you want me to add to this list… 

Char xo

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