April 6, 2017

Musings: Hotline Bling

Please note, this is a guest post.

If you’ve ever come home from a party and decided to watch TV before bed, flipped to the back of a glossy magazine or attended a mind, body and spirit fair the chances are you’ve probably heard of the term ‘phone psychic’. Made popular by celebrity psychics like Mystic Meg, those of us looking for answers to life’s big questions often turn to a hotline even if it’s just to have someone listen.

Just Like Any Other Job

Like plenty of other part-time, flexible and work from home jobs being a phone psychic is an option for those who have free time during the day, are good communicators and love being able to help those in need. Mind you, you still need to pass an interview, which leads you to think mysticism and fortune telling doesn’t really come into it much, as long as you’re good at getting people to talk about themselves in order to establish a connection.

Candidates are often asked to tell the interviewer about a time in their lives they felt their powers, or tell the interviewer what’s happening in their life right now. However, people often give away information without realizing it, so you don’t necessarily need to be spiritually attuned to know they’ve got relationship problems, are struggling to pay the bills or would like to travel more.

The Money Is Real

Even though this type of job is unusual at best and ethically questionable at worst your pay check is actually rather good. Dedicated telephone psychics work around 40 hours per week, in morning, afternoon or evening shifts although hours are flexible. If you’re a night owl then being awake at three am when many calls come through won’t be an issue.

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Having said that, to make the thousands of dollars a month that psychic operator agencies claim their employees make you’ll need to be practically glued to the phone. Operators tend to drawing out calls with poignant pauses and claim they’re getting a message yet but it’s not quite clear. Sadly, people are often so emotional over someone’s death, a divorce or pet being ill that they’ll take any crumb of comfort.


You’ll Hear Everything

Some people just want someone to vent to while others genuinely believe that a stranger on the end of the phone has all the answers. Many people want to know about their love life, if they’ll meet someone, get married or indeed have children. These are usually women in their early, to late thirties who believe they’ve somehow missed the love boat and want rescuing. Another fundamental reason people phone hotlines is that we’re afraid of change and, just like children seek reassurance that everything’s going to be ok. Often it’s easier to put a major decision in the hands of a perfect stranger than accept responsibility ourselves.


Lots of callers also want to know about life after death, if their dearly departed loved ones are doing ok and indeed what heaven’s actually like. A good psychic or medium will charge little, to no money for their services and always suggest that someone gets advice from ‘real world’ professionals too i.e. doctors, lawyers, and therapists.

Char xo

Please note, this is a guest post.

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