April 13, 2017

Guest Post: 5 Fashion Essentials for Travelling*

With winter approaching, it’s likely that you will have a case of the summer blues. Your tan is fading from your wonderful holiday away, and your thicker and warmer clothes are starting to make an appearance out of your closet. One thing that many people choose to do before finally giving in to the winter and festive season, is to go away to an exotic country to get that final bit of sun. This article is going to be packed full of fashion essentials that you should pack if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to go away one last time this year.


Your bikini is probably the first thing you will think about packing because while you’re on holiday you will definitely want to top up your tan as much as possible. Also, it’s probably the coolest attire you could choose to wear in the beaming heat, so make sure you’re packing more than one bikini so you can rock it every day that you’re there.


If you’re not one for bikinis, or you lack the self confidence to wear one (which you totally shouldn’t, you’re fabulous!) then swimsuits are definitely taking the world by storm in the fashion industry. With designs that criss-cross over your stomach and breasts, or designs with a very low plunge, you’re sure to find something that will suit your style.



One thing that women hate is having to put away their summer dresses for the year because it’s now become too cold to wear them. Luckily though, you have one last chance to bring out your sun dresses this year. Why not treat yourself to some sun dresses on sale to wear while you’re away, and save them ready to dazzle the world in next year too?


The great thing about sun dresses is that you can pair them with many things to class them up, or keep them super casual. Pair a sundress with some high heels and you will have a super sexy outfit to go out in when it comes to the evening. Make sure to take a shawl with you though as it does tend to get quite chilly in the evenings, even in exotic countries.


Let’s face it, it’s unlikely that you’re going to want to be strutting around in a hot country in heels, so make sure that you pack yourself lots of pairs of fabulous sandals and walking footwear for any sightseeing you’re going to be doing.


There are loads of different types of sandals that you can get your hands on, from in between the toe sandals, to strapped up and sexy. They’re often inexpensive to buy, so treat yourself to a few pairs to take away with you. Plus, you’ll have a whole range of footwear ready for next summer too!



When it comes to handbags there are so many different options that you can go for. While you want to make sure your look is fresh at all times, there’s only so much space in your suitcase, so handbags might be something you have to sacrifice when it comes to packing.


The best thing to do in this situation is to choose an all round handbag that can act as carry on luggage for your flight too. Picking one with lots of compartments for all of your essentials might be a good idea, and of course it will help you keep everything organised and safe.


Evening Wear

Finally, evening wear is something else that you should be thinking of. As previously mentioned, it tends to cool off in the evenings, even in exotic countries so make sure that you’re packing clothes that will keep you warm enough when the time is right. Capped sleeved tops and dresses will certainly be a wise choice to make, alongside leggings and an elegant pair of flats, you’ll be bound to turn heads!


Or, if you’re heading to watch the sun set on the beach, go in your costume, but be sure to take a cover-up to pop on if you get too cold at any point.


So there we have 5 of the most important fashion essentials for you to pack if you’re lucky enough to have one final vacation this year. Enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts, and most of all – enjoy your holiday!

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