May 2, 2017

Guest Post: Summer Lovin’ *

So we have actually had some weather recently that could count as dare I say it ‘summery.’ Not full blown melting ice creams, paddling in the sea, or sunbathing in your back garden, but definitely somewhat warm. Well warm for the UK…  So that got me thinking. Finally, summer must be on its way, and that means all the fun and games that go with it. But what are the options for whiling away the summer days this year? Read on for a few suggestions on the subject.

Travel abroad (Duh) 

Obviously, one thing that a lot of folks love to do in the summer is to make a visit to an exotic or interesting destination overseas. But with so many different locations on offer, how do you even begin to pick where to travel?

Well, first of all, you need to think about what you want from your holiday. Are you all about adventure, quirky eateries, and having a darn good time in the evening? Then maybe a city break would be just what you are looking for.

The advantage of a city break is that it’s usually really easy to get there, as the largest cities will have airports close by. There also a massive range of places to chose from such as Paris, Madrid, Budapest, Berlin, and even American cities like trendy San Francisco, hot and tropical Hawaii, or retro and glitzy Vegas?

But if you are after more of restful style break then you may want to go for something that spa based, and all inclusive. Yes, I know being able to eat and drink a whatever you like can sometimes be a bit tricky when you have to wear a swimsuit for the whole week. But whatever, you’ll never see those people again in your life, and you’ll want to make the most of that buffet!


Memoirs & Musings - Barcelona
Popular locations for this type of break used to be Egypt and Turkey. But due to the political situation, many folks are opting for holidays to Greece and Spain this year instead.


Of course, these places still have a great amount of sun, and some delicious food to sample too. Just do some research on your location before you arrive. To ensure that you make the best of what’s on offer.  



Now, nice as it would be to spend the entire summer season jetting off to exciting cities or relaxing spa locations, money and time mean that for most of us this is more of a special event than a way of life.

But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t explore the world around you and have some adventures in your very own country.

For example, there is a load of cool stuff to do and see in the UK. You just have to know her to find it. A great resource for doing this is the online Atlas Obscura. It is a travel site dedicated to finding the weird and wonderful that every location has to offer, meaning you can look up the most bizarre usual and interesting thing to do in any given area. 


Try Boardman’s Entry in Manchester, a hidden entrance constructed in honour of the founder of meteorology. Or what about No Man’s Fort Portsmouth which is a Victorian fort turned luxury hotel?

Basically it a great way of finding strange an interesting thing to do on your adventures, so even if you can’t travel overseas there is no reason to sit around in your pyjamas and watch Netflix. Unless you want to of course!


Camping Camping…

Another way of loving your summer and travelling around the UK without spending a fortune is to camp. This could be in a rented caravan, or mobile home, in one that you own yourself or even in your very own tent!

The benefits of camping is that is super cheap, as you don’t have to pay for a hotel room, and you can even cook for yourself if you like. Of course, it’s likely you’ll want to go out for a few meals in the location that you are staying at. Either in the neighbouring towns or on the site itself if they provide the service.

But make sure you book a pitch on a site that allows camping BBQs. So you can have a nice cook up of sausages, steaks and all those other British BBQ favourite while you are there.


24 hours of Fun…

Now, if funds are particularly tight, you may want to consider a day trip instead of a breakaway. 

Of course, you can rock the traditional English trip to the seaside, especially if you are based in London. As Southend-On-Sea provides the perfect locations to walk along the promenade, eat Rossi’s ice cream, and stuff yourself with fish and chips.

But that’s not all that is on offer day trip wise. Why not head to Stonehenge for some spiritual vibes? Or pop down to Bath to soak up the culture and cobble streets? Or you can even get a tour around a famous country house like Downton Abbey. Perfect if you want to get out of the city and want to see the way we used to live.



Lastly, while it’s nice to go away, it’s also nice to come home again. But don’t rule out your hometown as a source of the fun during the summer.

If you are lucky to live in a big city, then you will have a myriad of music, food, and arts festivals to choose from to keep your entertained.

For example, there is the Taste festival in London. Where you buy tokens and use them to try a smaller version of some of the most popular and high-end London restaurants menus! Yum!

But, even in smaller towns and villages, there are likely to be good old English favourites like village fetes and mini folk festivals. Even if it’s not totally your cup of tea, it’s always fun to go along and soak up a little of the festival atmosphere, and it usually won’t costs you too much either!  

Just remember if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail… 

Char xo

Please note, this is a guest post.

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