June 10, 2017

​Musings: Getting Summer Ready with Superdrug – A Review

Summer is here, well at least I think so. As I type this up, the weather seems to be having more outfit changes than the Mrs Carter World Tour, but that’s UK weather for you. Some days I’m wearing boots and other days the toes are out in full force (in sandals of course).

The team at Superdrug kindly send me some products to try and of course I had to pick something to get my feet summer ready (whatever that may mean). I am actually heading on holiday in September and November, so I want to make sure my hooves are in tip top condition before I descend on to the beach. Keeping in mind I’m trying to save and the average pedicure costing £30 to £40, these products I have trialled cost a little less than that and leave you feet feeling soft for weeks.
The rotating file is fast and turns those crusty feet in to smooth, happy feet. I recommend using this after a long soak in the bath, putting some music on and getting my feet sandal ready! Maybe it’s down to personal preference, but I had having crusty feet in the midst of summer, especially when I know my feet will be on show. Another way to help banish this is using the exfolilating foot cream which is infused with aloe vera and jojoba oil. It worked perfect to banish dead skin, especially after a long week of running away from my problems.
After using the exfoliating foot cream, I made sure to lather my feet in the intensive foot cream as the water in London makes everything dry. All you have to do next is pick a nail colour, which is probably the hardest part, but luckily you can browse them all here.
Lastly I suffer from pretty bad hayfever, mainly the sneezing side. I wake up and sneeze, I go to work and I sneeze and I come home and I sneeze. It kinda feels like I’m possessed 24/7/365. I’ve never been a huge fan of taking medication and been behind the old school mantra of ‘I’ll sleep it off’ but I can’t carry on sneezing all day can I? So I tried the Superdrug own brand hayfever tablets and they actually worked! My sneezing didn’t disappear overnight but I noticed a big difference in the days I didn’t take them. As with any form of medication, read the ingredients and if you’re unsure, seek medical advice because I am not a doctor.
Treating yourself doesn’t have to cost you the world and often drugstore own brand products are as good as the big names. You can browse all the products I tried here.
Char xo
Please note, these products were sent for my review, but all views are my own.

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