August 22, 2017

Memoirs: My Favourite Holiday Memories

One thing I love about going away is the memories you make and feeling you get when you think about where you’ve been. Sure you may be drawn into somewhere by the architecture or the food, but it’s ultimately the memories you create that ultimately brings you back. Whether it makes you book a ticket again or just reminisce with friends, cheers to the memories we’ve all made on our adventures.

Here are a few of my favourite holiday memories, some may back alcohol-induced, sorry to my mum, my personal trainer and whoever else I may have embarrassed…

Shanghai, China

Aged 17 with my best friend, Emma, staring out of the window of our high rise hotel looking down at the busy intersection, just watching the world go by. I always remember this as the moment I fell in love with travelling. There was something in this moment that ignited a yearning desire to get out there and see the world.

Cornwall, UK

Sitting on the beach, feeling at peace with the world and myself, on the verge of turning 27, reflecting on how far I’ve come and how far I’ve got to go. This reminds me it is important to take out time to reflect on your goals and congratulate yourself on any progress you have made.


Being hungover at Universal Studios was an experience for sure, you can read all about my day here. I cannot wait to go back to LA in September, to me, one of the most chilled out places in the world.

Rome, Italy

Learning to actually read a physical map and finding the Trevi fountain. If you’re ever in Rome, this is an absolute must, it is a real work of art and must be experienced up-close. My Rome posts can be found here and here.


Being hungover and getting a horse and carriage to myself. An expensive mistake, but Central Park is an oasis of calm in the bustling city of New York.

Vegas, USA

I broke a load of plates in a gift shop. Never go in with a load of bags and start swinging them around. I was the bull in a China shop personified.

I judge myself though…

Paris, France

Food is one of the best ways to remember a place. Whilst I may not be buzzing to go back to Paris anytime soon after my January trip, I will always have a soft spot for crepes and people-watching.

So that is a little glimpse into a few of my fond travel memories, but they have all come at a cost. It does make me wonder how much I’ve spent on travel to date, but I wouldn’t have the memories, so in my eyes it is worthwhile. However, if you live in the UK, like me, you’ll know our weather is somewhat unpredictable, just the other day the temperatures reached 35C, but now it’s settled back into the summer average of 21-22C. Is it cheaper to holiday in the UK or abroad? There always be a conversation around this, but ultimately it is subjective.

Holidaying in the UK means you make the most of the country you live in, you don’t need to worry about the mad airport dash and you can travel in a variety of cost effective ways – train, coach, driving, even flying. However, these costs go up and down all the time, so it is only cost effective if you lock in a good deal! Additionally, hotels, apartments, villas and holiday homes can be very affordable but also very expensive, so it’s all about being savvy when it comes to travel. You can check out my travel menu for a few of my tips.

What are your favourite holiday memories?

Char xo

11 responses to “Memoirs: My Favourite Holiday Memories”

  1. Two Book Minimum says:

    My favorite holiday was when I visited my sister in Japan. It was a wonderful experience!

  2. You lived my dreams. Italy and China. Amazing.

  3. ablondeandherpassport says:

    Oh so many memories! A recent one would be scuba diving with manta rays in Indonesia! It was pretty incredible! 🙂

  4. I totally agree with you, it is about the memories you’re left with after travelling, and they’re worth the money spent.
    Reading this has made me want to travel a little more, so hopefully in the near future I’ll be doing it.


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