October 1, 2017

Memoirs: 4 Signs You Need a Change

I’ve had an odd year so far and I experienced some change at the beginning of the year that shook me but looking back, it’s been an absolute BLESSING. It got me thinking on how far I’ve come and how far I’ve got to go but also reminded me that change is good, it’s for the best and you only realise you need change (send coins my way please) when you stop and reflect. Here are four signs you need change…

You’re not enjoying what you do anymore

Ever been stuck in a job, a relationship or even a place for just way too long?
If you’re not enjoying it, it’s a sign you need to re-assess what you’re doing, your relationship or your surroundings. There is no anchor holding you down to one thing forever, so spread your wings and simply GO FOR IT.
Making a list of pros and cons is a sure-fire way to get out of that ‘funk’ whilst looking to the future and envisioning yourself where you want to be or who you want to be with.

You feel numb

Have you ever had that feeling where you feel like nothing affects you?
You know, getting a catty e-mail from your most despised colleague and not even batting an eyelid like you usually do. This is a definite sign you need a change. One of the best ways to gain perspective is to travel, put yourself into new surrounds for a long weekend or a week if your budget allows. This will give you time to think, gain perspective and hopefully come home with a renewed sense of hope to change you or the things around you.

I went to Cornwall earlier this year and it was a great place to reflect and think...

I went to Cornwall earlier this year and it was a great place to reflect and think…

Yearning for more

I blame social media for this particular sign. I always found myself scrolling through Instagram wondering why I don’t have this or that or look a certain way. Frankly, when I closed the app I didn’t care anymore, instead these days I use it for memes and posting snippets of my life cos no one wants to see my breakfast (cos I don’t eat it). What I’m really getting at is that sometimes you think you’re doing okay, somewhat content, but there’s this niggling feeling in your head that you need more… Whatever it may be, here is…

How to reach the next step

Reflect on how your life got to this point. The only way to look forward is to look back and to:
Reflect. Research. Realise.
Where are you now and where do you want to be?
Whether it’s in the notes app in your phone or putting a weekly reminder to chart your progress, writing things down is key.
How are you going to make your future self proud? 

Char xo

9 responses to “Memoirs: 4 Signs You Need a Change”

  1. AnjaGe says:

    Great post and I really like your writings!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Bethan says:

    It’s so easy to get stuck isn’t it! I know I’ve had a few times where I’ve really started to stagnate, and I find taking on a challenge really helps shift my perspective x

  3. efwalt says:

    Great post. Definitely struggling atm. Very much stuck in a rut at work. Almost got out (even had a job offer…) but didn’t manage to escape. Unfortunately money is holding me where I am! Must break free!

  4. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    I do agree with all you said. If you want more or get bored at your job, you need to obviously look for something else. i guess it you feel that something is off, that something is not right, then there too. xx corinne

  5. The pro/con list is always my go-to as well! Great post and agree with you on everything, sometimes it’s so hard to be brave enough to admit you need a change.

  6. Great piece and great advice. It’s what I’m going through at the moment, trying to find a new job and move away, so I really found it helpful.

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