October 14, 2017

Memoirs: Walking Down the Wrong Aisle?

So, this post has been sitting in my real life drafts aka my notebook since May 2016 (a whole year ago). I stumbled across it when cleaning my room (I can now see my floor), the other day and it wasn’t only right I typed it up considering I found this meme:

Source: Facebook

*Winds the clock back to May 2016*

I recently attended one of my dear friend’s weddings I was in absolute awe of how beautiful the day was. From her dress, to her bridesmaids, from the smile on her face once she saw her now husband. The whole day got me thinking about marriage, millennials and the world we (well I) live in.

I’m at the age (cough cough approaching 26) where a lot of my friends are starting to settle down – engaged, married, houses, babies, but not necessarily in that order.

There is seems to be a huge pressure from society to walk down the aisle, marry, settle down and somehow that equates to the ultimate success in life.

Am I standing in the wrong aisle?


Being pushed and shoved by commuters, my personal space circumference going out the window and being so close to a stranger we could kiss. Is this the aisle I want to be in? I don’t know.

If I look at life metaphorically, this aisle is temporary. The aisle in a tube is designed so I can get to work, enjoy what I do and do what I enjoy.

I look around me and see sparkly rings everywhere I go but behind that is another story. I think as humans we sometimes take things face value and realise life is so much deeper than aesthetics.

I look to women that inspire me and the first person that comes to mind (of course its fictional) is Samantha Jones in Sex & The City. She is successful in her own right, has made her own way in life and never really allowed herself to be defined by someone else (male or female). It isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I can’t help think that there is so much more to life. Not everyone aspires to marriage, a family and the whole white picket fence idea.

Sometimes, its just best to go with flow, grab every opportunity and just be the best you you can be. I’m a strong believer in living your best life. Yes happiness and love do go hand in hand to an extent, I believe happiness comes from you and only you.

When it comes to living life, there is no formulaic way of how it should be, no right aisle you should be going down, so remember it’s okay to live a life people don’t understand. I’ll be walking down the aisle of a plane for the moment.

Char xo

*Ironically, please check my Pinterest boards for my future wedding plans. Who knows, I might just marry myself because I love me. 

10 responses to “Memoirs: Walking Down the Wrong Aisle?”

  1. Erma Santo says:

    There is certainly not a standard aisle everyone should go at certain ages. We could be walking on any aisle at any point in our lives and it doesn’t matter if other people don’t understand that. As for your walking down the aisle of an airplane, I’m happy for you and I wish you nothing but the best. 🙂

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  3. Katey says:

    I’d love to get married and have kids. One day. I don’t want to rush through life – there’s so much more I want to do before I get married and ‘settle down’. Although, if I do meet the right guy I might change my mind 😀

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