November 27, 2017

Musings: My Dream Car

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I’ve been thinking about getting a car for a while because frankly it’s cold, I spend all my money on Uber and I long for going on long drives. There is something powerful about getting behind the wheel yourself, taking yourself from A to B and feeling the wind in your hair as you cruise down the motorway. It’s not the same in an cab, it probably costs more and as a travel blogger, I like to believe in the independence of doing things by myself, much like that time I went to Milan solo.

Perhaps I’d go old school?

I had a car a few years ago and whilst it did the job, it wasn’t my dream car. Honestly, I have dream cars, one for doing the weekly shop, one for those long journeys with plenty of space for my whole wardrobe and simply for posing in. There are SO many options available on  I wouldn’t know where to begin BUT I do know a few vehicles I have in mind. A Range Rover, an Audi and a Maybach, a girl can dream right? For now, I’ll continue saving, continue dreaming and staring at cars whilst I’m on the bus or in one.

Char xo

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Please note, this is a sponsored post with

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