December 4, 2017

Memoirs: My 2017 in Blogging

Over the year, the blogging world has introduced me to some incredible people and even more incredible opportunities. It’s only fair I do a round-up and say thank you right? I am so grateful for every opportunity this tiny little space on the internet has given me and I only started it as a place to document my 20s and its turned into something more. I always do stand by the fact I am always on the sidelines in this bloggersphere, still continuing for my love of writing more than anything hence my post called ‘I Don’t Care‘. If I can experience a little more life whilst I do it, then why not.

Here goes…

London Fashion Week with Plus Minus Magazine

I’d always wanted to go to London Fashion Week and although I may not be much of a fashion blogger, I love fashion. UK designers are talented, daring and I was so glad I could experience homegrown talent in my own city. You can check out Plus Minus Magazine here, where I’m Features Editor. Feel free to send me an email on for all things London!


I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to Traverse or not, but I managed to get a last minute ticket and its honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Travel blogging and travel bloggers are SO different from the realm of fashion and beauty. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s different reasons why they travel and how they travel which for me has more depth than a lipstick (which I still love too).

One of many glasses of wine at Traverse…

You can check out the lessons I learnt here.

Sea and the City with Travelodge

I’d never been to Cornwall or that far South until I was asked to explore life outta London for the weekend. Cornwall is beautiful, breezy and there is SO much more to it than clotted cream and pasties. You can experience my #SeaAndTheCity travels here and here.

And if you’re after a good quality cabin bag, check out my review of the Cabin Zero backpack here.

A Night at Chocolate City

Not going to say much more on this one but this is possibly my highlight of 2017. 

Cooking with Grohe, Lee Kum Kee, Good Foods

I can’t cook but I love to eat and I love a challenge. This year I went to a cooking class with Grohe, eaten my fair share of Asian food and attempted to go meat-free. If this is the reason I haven’t lost any weight this year, I only have myself to blame. Not only that, I’ve been able eat my way through London with brunches at Four to Eight and solo dining at Pizza Union.

#OnTheLadder with Post Office Money

One of the biggest things I’ve done with this blog… sharing my story of how I got #OnTheLadder. 

Cheers to many more adventures, experiences and more LIFE in 2018!

To keep it short and sweet, THANK YOU. Thank you to these amazing brands, and to you all for reading this because I’m still not sure anyone does!

You can check out all my posts from 2017 here. 

What have been your highlights from 2017?

Char xo

18 responses to “Memoirs: My 2017 in Blogging”

  1. Oh my goodness look at all this AMAZING opportunities, I can only dream of my blog receiving all these ❤️

  2. Excellent photos! Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

  3. Donna Regen says:

    I think it is an outstanding idea to look back at year’s end and to thank your brand sponsors and other collaborators and mention the events or places they invited you to. You did a good job here. Personally, I would enjoy that trip to Cornwall with its beautiful views of the sea, and I don’t mind if I do that while enjoying a clotted cream either.

  4. Wow! This was very encouraging for me being new to the blogsphere only a month long. All the best in the new year 💝🙏🏾 I’ve never been to Cornwall but it’s gonna be on my to do list in the near future. The views are amazing. Thanks for sharing and glad to learn that consistence is key👌🏾

  5. Very proud of you and your blogging g achievements! You’ve certainly had an amazing 2017 and I know 2018 will surely be bigger and better!!! Here is to more memoirs & more musings 🥂

  6. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    Loads of people read you because what you write is interesting! Sounds like 2017 was great and I hope 2018 will be even better! xx corinne

  7. hudapervez says:

    This is so exciting, blogging really does allow you to do something that you not only love but also get amazing opportunities! This is very inspiring, great post! 💕

  8. Rebecca Rose says:

    such a lovely idea! Great post, glad you’ve had a good year xx

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  11. […] to have your passport and be somewhat well-dressed. My outfit of choice that day was my comfortable travel blogger chic because heels only adorn my feet once a year (not by […]

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