December 20, 2017

Musings: The Swimwear Edit for 2018 With Simply Swim

Please note, this is a collaborative post. with Simply Swim. 

I cannot wait for 2018. I have a very good feeling it’s going to my best year yet and hopefully it will be for you too. I happily have a few trips booked already and I’m in the process of researching where I’ll be spending those long weekends throughout Summer. Just give me a cocktail, a swimming pool or hot tub and I’ll be happy. But you have to do it in style right?

And guys, don’t fret, there are plenty of swimming trunks from brands like Nike, Arena and Speedo available too.

I used to swim a lot as a kid and as a teenager, but now it kinda upsets me that I only swim when I’m travelling or happen to be near a pool. Gathering my favourite swimsuits for this post has inspired me to add fitness back into my workout plan, especially if I can do it in style. Some may not be bothered about what a swimsuit looks like, as long as it ‘does the job’, but wouldn’t you want something that can do both? Functional, fashionable and inspiring fitness. 

Here are a few of my picks for 2018…

Ella Scoopback – Black

I will continue wearing black until they make something darker but this swimsuit is again functional and fashionable. Whilst it may look a little ‘plain Jane’, it has a dual purpose, you can use it for lengths in the morning and jazz it up with a statement necklace to wear around the pool on holiday. There will be no need for you to hide under an umbr-Ella next year…

Essence Core 3 Stripe Two Piece – Black and White

Technically not a swimsuit but a two piece, this Adidas ticks the box for sports luxe glam. Best of all, they can be worn separately maximising outfit possibilities. If you dare, you can even wear it for a workout. Excuse me whilst I go and download some abs to go with it… 

Sleek Zip Back Swimsuit – Blueberry

I’m glad I’ve included something that isn’t black for once… This gem is different from the usual swimwear I would go for as it has a high neck and the material looks more like a wetsuit than swimsuit. That is a huge plus as it’d probably dry quicker, meaning surf’s up for ya…

Tankini Swim Top – Black

Tankinis are great if you’re on the bustier side or hate wearing a one piece. This simple number from Freya is great if you’re into water aerobics as the crossed back feature helps keep you in place whilst you’re working those arms. Not only that, it can double up as a gym top, so you’ll get two tops for the price of one.

Finding swimwear for is all trial and error. I always say its best to order loads, different sizes, try it on in the comfort of your home and ultimately make sure you feel comfortable. 

Will you be swimming stylishly into 2018 too? Let me know by commenting below.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post. with Simply Swim. 

4 responses to “Musings: The Swimwear Edit for 2018 With Simply Swim”

  1. Katey says:

    I wear one pieces all the time now. I’ve had my bikini top stolen away by too many rogue waves in the past.

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