March 16, 2018

Musings: My South American Wish-list

Please note, this a collaborative post with Journey Latin America.

I have a confession…

The only thing putting off visiting South America is the spiders.

There is even a species that eats birds (Google it, I’m not linking to it here) and the thought of it makes me shudder. Perhaps the best way for me to visit is in a glass orb? But for now, I will be mentally visiting though blogs, vlogs and social media… 


I’d always thought that getting to places like Peru would take 3,000 years, but in this day an age, it’s more like jumping on one of the 3 direct flights per week from London Gatwick via British Airways.

Peru is famous for the legendary city that is Machu Picchu, which requires a little planning and a taste for high altitudes, it’s hard to believe this place is over 2,000 above sea level. I know before I go I’d have to get used to hiking, so perhaps over my next few trips I ditch happy hour for the national parks instead?


As well as being from Barbados, I am also half South American, hailing from the country of Guyana. Situated in the North of South America, Guyana is often thought of as part of Caribbean, but geographically, it has all symptoms of South America. Mostly it’s over 80% rainforest and I would love to visit one day, especially to see where I’m from and witness a land devoid of skyscrapers.

What I really wanna do though is sip El Dorado rum and visit Orinduik Falls.


I’ve heard so many things from friends who have visited Colombia’s capital, Bogata. From the city’s vibrant street art to the lost city of Ciudad Perdida, I can’t imagine a week would do.


How could I not include Brazil? From the wildlife, to the food and the stunning beaches, I’m starting to think my South America wish lists needs a year or two.


The wine and the steak in Argentina would only make Salt Bae proud. Argentina is home to the Tango and colourful wildlife. The more I type the more I want to book a flight. RIGHT NOW.

Have you been to South America? What have been your highlights?

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post. with Journey Latin America.  Gifs sourced from GIPHY.

2 responses to “Musings: My South American Wish-list”

  1. Monique Travels says:

    I feel the exact same, I’ve been to Brazil but would love to go back and visit the others on this list, especially Colombia. Never thought about Guyana before but now you’ve made me want to visit!

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