April 6, 2018

Musings: The London Guide to ‘Bouji on a Budget’ Restaurants

So, some of these places may be out of your budget BUT there are ways you can make them work. First of all, you’ll need to read my post on ‘How To Be Bouji on a Budget’, secondly, you’ll need to follow these instructions:

  1. Eat a couple of hours before you go out, especially if you’re going out for dinner

  2. Consider pre-drinking too, but don’t arrive drunk, being thrown out is not bourgeois at all

  3. Get the tube or bus there, why spend money on Uber when it could go on food?

  4. If you’re thinking of wearing heels, wear flats or trainers, and change into them around the corner before entering

  5. Go during the daytime if you really want to save as this is when most offers are on via Bookatable, Opentable and Groupon

  6. If you can’t go in the daytime, go early evening, most offers finish at 6.30pm

  7. Only order sides

  8. Order the second cheapest wine

  9. Only go for one glass of wine, take your pic for Instagram and leave

  10. Check out my restaurant list here


Here are a few of my faves…


I celebrated my 25th here a few years ago and it had such a lovely vibe and wasn’t overly expensive. This place is great in summer (if the weather is right) as it offers views of St. Paul’s and the city.


I’ve been to STK a couple of times now, and whilst it isn’t a favourite of mine, it has a really good vibe and the interior is beautiful.


Always a laugh, and you can switch to bottomless prosecco… I reviewed it here.

The Shard

I think we all want to be taken up The Shard at least once in our lifetimes. Read into that as you wish, but Groupon do really good afternoon tea offers for around £35.

The Ivy Market Grill

The chocolate bombe is everything.

What restaurants in London do you love or are you keen to try?

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Char xo

9 responses to “Musings: The London Guide to ‘Bouji on a Budget’ Restaurants”

  1. Jess D says:

    This is me all over! Loved this and number 9, take your pic and leave.


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  4. Number 7 is so me! Sometimes you do get more value for your money when you order just sides.
    Kelle – http://www.itskellesspace.com

  5. […] scanning the menu, I ordered the chicken burger with the truffle fries noting the place was bouji (just like me) when they have half a lobster on the ‘extras’. Obviously I lived up to my Twitter […]

  6. […] Read more: Musings: The London Guide to ‘Bouji on a Budget’ Restaurants […]

  7. […] The London Guide To ‘Bouji On A Budget’ Restaurants […]

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