June 19, 2018

Musings: My Favourite Summertime Hairstyles

Please note, this is a collaborative post with L’Occitane. 

One thing I love about summer is experimenting with my hair; some days it’ll be out and curly, other days poker straight. There really is no consistency as my hair goes one way or the other, but who doesn’t love versatility?

Where I get my hairspriration? Pinterest of course.

Whenever I scroll through Pinterest, it does make me wonder when I’ll have my own personal hairstylist. Imagine being able use all the organic shampoo and conditioner that was good for your hair as well as having the hairstyles you dreamed of. For now I’ll be praying I win the lottery.

I like big buns and I cannot lie  

This was during my solo trip to Dubai last month where 38C had me slicking back my hair and shoving it in a bun. In that kinda heat you’re going to want to keep it outta your face unless you like that look. Don’t get me started on the humidity either.

Plait it up

I love braids during the summer as they’re romantic, easy to do and look better as the day wears on. Perfect for weddings or any other special occasions I may have, I know the next day I will be enjoying the loose curls the plaits would have created.

Sometimes I prefer something a little more structured, so I’d opt for something like this:

This would definitely keep me from having to do my hair for a few days and when taken out, I’d be left with tight corkscrew curls. I’m tempted to get this done right now!

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Nothing beats a ponytail

Probably the easiest (and my favourite) summer hairstyle of them all. A ponytail keeps your hair off your face, looks good at work, the gym and can be glammed up for night, it truly is the most underrated hairstyle.

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 Leave it all out

When in doubt, leave it all out. My hair only looks like this around once a year when a good hair days likes to bestow its presence on me. Wearing my hair down in summer is only practical when I’m surrounded by fans and air-conditioning so I feel like Beyonce and of course, my hair likes to revert back to its curly state.

What are your favourite hairstyles for summer? What season does your hair cope best in?

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with L’Occitane; all views are my own.

5 responses to “Musings: My Favourite Summertime Hairstyles”

  1. Great post girly! I usually opt for hair out or in a bun, but I wish I could braid! xx

  2. Kelsey Marie says:

    I’m very similar to you, ponytails are my favorite especially on a super hot day! I also love doing half-up, half-down styles because it helps me stay cool but also keep a little bit of fashion. Great post, love!

  3. Love your hair char💗 I defo love a high bun & braids!

    Great post Girl!!!
    Also, please show more of your face, you gorgeous girl💗💗

    Jenna xoxo

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