July 10, 2018

Memoirs: The Dubai Diaries – Solo in the City – Part Three

Day four in Dubai – Saturday 26th May

Here is where my solo in the city adventures aren’t quite so solo anymore. My good friend from London decided to fly out for the weekend to join me. We’d actually came to Dubai way back in 2015 when my spur of travelling really kicked off. T (because I’m not going to give out her government official name) arrived at the hotel at 5am whilst I dead to the world. Hotel beds are just that much comfier.

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Drifting off… 

After a nap, we got up and headed to Drift Beach Club located at the One and Only Royal Mirage on The Palm. This place isn’t cheap in the slightest, so if you’re watching your coins on holiday, this is a place to avoid. However, with it being Ramadan, there aren’t many options when it comes to beach clubs being open. At a steep 300 AED per sun lounger (on weekends), you can choose your preferred area around the pool or beach and includes a cold hand/face towel, seasonal fruit bowl, and a bottle of still or sparkling water. When I’d been to Nasimi beach back in 2015, I didn’t mind paying for the sun lounger as the cost came off food/drink but there was no backing out now…

Anyway, how beautiful is the decor at Drift Beach? Coming to Dubai during Ramadan was a good choice, it has a very relaxed vibe and it was everything I needed. Travel really is more form of self-care. I don’t want to feel the stresses of London on holiday, so if it means indulging every now and then, why not.

Level 43 

After we got back from Drift Beach, I’m pretty sure we napped again (too much wine) and spent ages looking for a bar to go to. Luckily Level 43 was open until 1am, and only a 7 min taxi journey away from our hotel. Located on top of the Four Points by Sheraton hotel, Level 43 Sky Lounge is a chilled out rooftop bar with panoramic views of Dubai. These views look like something outta batman:

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The food is really good and the drink prices are much cheaper than your average hotel pool, so this place gets a thumbs up from me.


Bonus photo, a rare outfit pic of me…

Riding those dunes

Day five in Dubai – Sunday 27th May

Sunday morning was spent by the pool before heading on the Desert Dune safari excursion courtesy of the team at icelolly.com. If you’ve never heard of icelolly before, they’re one of the UK’s biggest holiday comparison sites, saving you money all year round. You can find more inspiration here. 

Our ride picked us up from our hotel at around 3pm and it was roughly an hour or so before we arrived in the Dubai desert. I’d actually been on this excursion before back on my trip in 2015 and I spent more time stressing about the right outfit rather than enjoying it. Fast forward 2018 and I have become old and *wiser* and I went for comfort over style and the desert safari was SO much more fun than I remember.

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The dune driving in the 4 x 4 is such a fun way to end your trip in Dubai and your experience will be gifted with views like this:

The Dubai desert is such a contrast to the towering skyscrapers dominating the city skyline. It really is a city of contrasts.

After our desert safari, we headed to the mall, which for you shopaholics or night owls would be glad to know is open until 3am. You can skip the heat of the sun altogether and come out at night if you want to.

We grabbed a late dinner at PF Changs which Laila Loves had recommended to me on Twitter and she was right. The dynamite shrimp and the honey chicken were to die for. There is one in London I could visit, but I don’t want to ruin my Dubai experience.

Call me a refridgerator because I love to chill 

Day six in Dubai – Monday 28th May

Not much happened on day six of our trip apart from lying by our pool in the Sheraton Grand hotel and heading on down to the Dubai Marina for dinner.

We dined at Abd el Wahab located on the 5th floor of Pier 7 which overlooked the glittering lights and boats of the Dubai Marina. As it was if-tar, we dined from the special set menu which was an unlimited mixed grill. The food was impeccable and the perfect way to end our trip.

Day seven in Dubai – Tuesday 29th May

T headed on back to the airport shortly after our dinner leaving me to pack everything in my case and pray it weighed less. Did I tell you I hate packing? I’ve recounted all the things I hate about travelling here. 

My second experience of Dubai felt more authentic and the hedonistic image I had once perceived of this city was overshadowed by just how chilled out I was. I always thought Dubai was the place to go and be ‘seen’, get your photos for Instagram, but once you sink yourself into the place a little more, visit again and again, you’ll learn a different way of life.

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Char xo 

Please note, my desert dune bashing experience was complimentary thanks to Icelolly.com (Thanks guys), but all views are my own. 

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