August 29, 2018

Memoirs: Its Okay Not To Fall In Love With Every Place You Visit

As I write this post I’m in my hotel room in Hamburg after having got back from a failed day of exploring. 

Me and this little city just haven’t got on. 

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Hamburg hasn’t been my favourite place I’ve visited and I don’t know if I’ll return anytime soon. I wonder if I should have started exploring Germany with Berlin… anyway that’s the beauty of travel, you’re not going to fall in love with every place you visit. I have a blog post coming soon on this very topic, for everything else, check out (link in bio). Are there any places you’ve been you didn’t particularly like? . . . . . #traveltheworld #igtravel #getaway #travelblog #instago #travelpics #tourist #wanderer #wanderlust #travelphoto #travelingram #mytravelgram #visiting #travels #travelphotography  #tagsta_travel#beauty #amazing #arountheworld #tourist#solotravel  #instago #ig_worldclub #worldcaptures #hamburg #explorehamburg

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Don’t get me wrong, its cute and all but that’s just it, I for some reason just can’t connect with it. 

That got me thinking, its okay not to fall in love with every place you visit. In this Instagram era where we are all bombarded with images of faraway destinations we somewhat feel inclined to visit and enjoy. Truth is we all carry our own experiences, feelings and fears with us. In a new environment e.g a new city, it really is make or break. Not only that we travel for different reasons whether it be to: eat, explore or simply escape. 


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My Experience 

With Hamburg, I wasn’t really sure to what to experience but all I have felt is a huge sense of underwhelming since I’ve been here. It’s not necessarily a bad experience in the slightest but is has and is making me grow as a traveller. 

And that’s okay, in my journey as a traveller, I’ve fallen in love with other places along the way. This trip balances it out. 

You can travel the whole world but you’ll never love every place. Just like people, you can meet every single person on this planet and you won’t like all of them. 

Countries and cities are just like us, with different heartbeats, souls and feelings. Some are for us and some are not. Do you given them a second and third chance or do you leave them be? It really depends on you alone and your personality.

Char xo  

4 responses to “Memoirs: Its Okay Not To Fall In Love With Every Place You Visit”

  1. Fee says:

    It feels as though everything people post online has to be a perfect experience and life isn’t always perfect. Very refreshing and honest read, thank you for sharing.

  2. […] That leads me to blog post I published last week on ‘Why it’s okay not to fall in love with every place you visit’. […]

  3. I love this post because it’s so true you can’t love everywhere you go and it’s good to be honest about those places.

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