September 4, 2018

Musings: Eight Reasons You Should Go To Palawan, Philippines*

The Palawan set of islands, located in the Mimaropa region of Philippines, are considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country. Said to be the Last Frontier of Philippines, Palawan’s pristine beaches, marine parks and a host of natural resources give visitors an opportunity to relax and unwind in some of the most tranquil environment to be found anywhere else. To guide you to these alluring spots, eight reasons have been laid down here, in order to make Palawan your next holiday destination.


Palawan is an award winning destination


The slice of paradise, known as Palawan, has the incredible distinction of being voted the best island in the world time and again by the leading travel portals. In addition to a plethora of reader awards, the 1700 plus islands and inlets are not only famous for the best outdoor activities but are also home to a UNESCO world heritage site.


Palawan is incredibly beautiful


Depending upon your point of entry, a tour of Palawan if undertaken by an island hopping tour, brings out the best this place has to offer. An extremely affordable tour from El Nido or Coronary can be booked from any hotel. Another option is a private or shared speedboat tour, which covers most of the lagoons and islands in a single day.


Palawan is less crowded

In spite of all the attractions and natural beauty, tourist inflow to Palawan is much less than say, Bali. But very soon it will boom as much as the other well known destinations, so it is advisable to visit Palawan now. If by chance you happen to go in the low rainy season, not only is it cooler, but you will have all the beaches to yourself.


Palawan is unspoilt

The natural resources of Palawan have been preserved so well, that even today the island boasts of innumerable picture perfect places which will jump willingly into any Instagram account. The sheer beauty of the tall vertical limestone cliffs meeting the incredibly clear turquoise blue water, wherever the eye can see, will leave you filled with awe.


This still unsung holiday gateway is paradise personified as far as natural beauty is concerned. That said, it is also much less developed than most other popular tourist spots in Asia, which is why Palawan vacation packages with everything included are popular among travellers. These type of holiday deals can help you get the most of your stay and make sure you stay comfortable even when going to such raw and rural areas.


Palawan is a mecca for diving and snorkeling

With some of the truly unique and thrilling sights to behold under the surface of the water, have made Palawan a heartthrob of both leisure and professional outdoor enthusiasts. It is no wonder that the island’s beauty lies as much under the sea as it is found above it too.


From the war wrecks of Coron to the magical marine biodiversity found in the Tubbataha Reefs, there is no dearth of underwater action while in Palawan. One thing to note here is that these marine wonders are a long way offshore and can only be accessed by traveling in live aboard vessels.


Palawan is extremely affordable

As is with most Southeast Asian countries, the cost of living is less and thus Philippines too qualifies as a cheap tourist destination. Backpackers, in particular, will enjoy the simple lifestyle of hiring a small hit by the beach and revel in the rustic experience supplemented by a meal at any of the affordable joints like the locals.


While some tours in the tourist spots of Coron and El Nido may pinch your pocket to some extent, the cheap daily cost of essentials will always allow you to balance your budget. You can check out the top things to do in Palawan here. 


Palawan is rich in natural beauty

Hardly an hour away from the capital lies an extraordinary wonder of nature by the name of Puerto Princesa Underground River. This impressive work of nature has some of the most unique stalactite and stalagmite formations, that it is considered to be one of the seven wonders of nature. The park can be accessed by boat from Sabang or through a short jungle trek starting at the Sabang beach.


Palawan is also a luxury destination


While budget tourism is the main source of economy for Palawan, it also caters to those seeking a luxurious escape. The high end and exclusive resorts abound in El Nido and the Pamalican islands for a hefty price, guests enjoy the thrill of arriving in chartered planes landing on private runways. Exclusive amenities include floating bars, watersports and personal spa treatments.


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Images sourced from Unsplash. 

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