October 22, 2018

Musings: 5 Tips To Get A *Good* Sleep On A Plane

In the past year I’ve been on a personal quest to visit 12 destinations in 12 months. My trip this past weekend made it to 9 and I found myself thinking, can I do all this travelling anymore or do I need a break?

What I really need to stop doing is booking ridiculously early flight times. Getting up at 3am is the equivalent of ripping a plaster off a wound before its fully healed and that’s how it feels waking up before you’ve had enough sleep. That leads me on nicely to 5 tips I’ve picked up on to get a seemingly good sleep on a plane.

Getting the window seat

The window seat ensures you don’t have to keep getting up to let your plane neighbour go to the toilet or stretch their legs. Not only that, the views are mesmerising enough to carry you in to dreamland.

Making sure you’re exhausted beforehand

Being exhausted is a great way to get a good sleep on a plane as your body needs it. This works well for night flights or daytime flights where you’ll be skipping a fair few timezones.

A questionable one … alcohol or sleeping pills

Just not both together PLEASE.

A Gel Eye Mask

This is one I’ve been trying out at home and it’s really helped me zone out. Having a phone by your side as you go to sleep is a HUGE distraction, so what better way to to block it out altogether than with a gel eye mask. I was kindly sent a gel eye mask from the aptly name company ‘Time 2 Sleep’.

I loved trying it cool as it helped me destress after a long day. I can only imagine how good this would be on an long-haul flight. Best of all, it can be used hot or cold and comes in a handy travel case. It barely takes up any space in a cabin bag, so it is definitely going to be an essential item in my future travel kit.

The techy bits

• This product remains soft and malleable even at temperatures as low as 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Retains heat and coolness for up to 30 minutes.

• Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting.

• Secured around the head with an elasticated band.

• Mouldable surface for optimal comfort and fit.

• Easy to clean.

• Full coverage mask – 22cm x 11.5cm

Listening to Music

The best way to get a good sleep on a plane is to block out background noise. I’d recommend noise-cancelling headphones and the soothing sounds of Lana Del Rey to immerse yourself in to the land of nod.

Can you manage to get a good sleep on a plane?

Char xo

Please note the Time 2 Sleep gel eye mask was sent for my review; all views are my own.

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