December 8, 2018

Musings: A Few Reasons Why I Don’t Count Countries 

I can’t be bothered. 

There are 192 countries on this planet and if I’m honest, I have no desire of visiting them all. Does this void me as a traveller?

I don’t know but I am in no rush to tick them off one by one. 

It may be ironic I did 12 destinations in 12 months but I feel that there is a huge difference between a destination and a country. 

Can you really say you’ve seen it all if you’ve just been to major capital cities? What about the small undiscovered towns and villages that aren’t necessarily hotspots? There is definitely more to travel than ticking places off a list but it’s ultimately down to ‘how you travel’. A blog post which I have conveniently written here.

Do you count countries? Why? Why not? 

Char xo 

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