January 8, 2019

Memoirs: 10 Moments I Love About Travelling

VIEWS: The view of the city or place I’m leaving as you take off. In this moment, my problems disappear and I remember how beautiful this world is.
CHECKING IN: Getting my room key and checking out my home away from home for next few days (or weeks).

I love going into other hotels when I travel…

REST: Getting a good night’s sleep after a long-haul journey, then waking up refreshed wondering what jetlag is.

ROOM SERVICE Often, okay ALWAYS overpriced but sometimes you just wanna lay in bed after a long day of doing nothing at the beach and have the food come to you.

MORE VIEWS: Whether its from the top of a mountain, an overpriced rooftop or simply a monument – taking in new surroundings makes you grateful you are able to travel.

CHECKING IN FOR A FLIGHT: Especially when you grab the window seat.

BYE LUGGAGE: When you get rid of your checked-in bags and you can go and celebrate with a 6am airport cocktail.

BOOKING ANOTHER TRIP: Planning another trip whilst on a trip is an absolute MOOD. I do this ALL the time. After being back from Vegas in 2015, I booked NYC a few days after. Or as I like to put:

THE PEOPLE: The people make the place, there is no doubt about it.

THE QUIET: It gives you time to reflect as you don’t have the distractions of work or your everyday life. Taking the time out to breathe and just ‘be’ is something you have to do when you travel. I’ve covered it all in my post on the importance of being present.

What are moments you love about travelling?

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All photos taken by me.

3 responses to “Memoirs: 10 Moments I Love About Travelling”

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  2. Kat says:

    I love all of these moments. Especially he early morning check in and getting the cocktail 🍸 it’s always so exciting heading off on a new adventure. Room service is such a life saver after those long days!

  3. Mary says:

    Meeting interesting new people. Eating food i have never had before. Getting familiar with my environments. And of course, taking pictures.

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