April 30, 2019

Musings: My Take On Airport Style

This is a collaborative post with Quiz Clothing. 

Oh airport style, you are the one thing I long to get right but I always get so wrong.

How many times have I thought I’m Kim Kardashian when I arrive at the airport and feel a little more like Phil Mitchell after I go through security. When it comes to airport style, less is definitely more.

Instagram has definitely changed the way I look at airport style and I always wonder if I should be doing more? Sometimes I wonder if I should be showing up in one of my best occasion dresses and strutting through security but of course reality pulls me back. I guess one of my comfortabe plus size tops will do. 


These days I opt for neutrals like black, grey, khaki or navy to see me through check in desk to arrivals. I mean who knows if they’ll be sitting next to a screaming baby who suddenly might throw up on you or the guy who has had too much red wine? 

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Comfort and practicality is key for me so I opt for gym-wear. Here are a few ways you can take the lead on airport style…

Co-ords double up as separates with your other pieces in your luggage.

Layers are key, planes are notoriously cold but they can also be hot!

Slip on shoes, so you can take them on and off during the flight, don’t forget your socks though.

Accessories – think practical, always carry your emergency items and electrical items in pouches so they’re easy to access. 

Check the weather before you go and ask yourself the following questions:

Airport style is whatever you want it to be. Some of us want to be chic, some of us want to be comfy, you can find a happy medium or thrive in being frumpy.

Char xo 

This is a collaborative post with Quiz Clothing , all views are my own. 

5 responses to “Musings: My Take On Airport Style”

  1. Char that Phil Mitchell line took me out LOL
    Co-ords are great for the airport, especially if they are loose and comfy.


  2. Debbie says:

    Reading this is making me want to be at the airport catching some flights 😩

    I love me a co-ord, but I pretty much just go for anything that’s comfortable and that looks like I made some kind of effort lol.

  3. Kelly says:

    Always struggle with what to travel in. I usually book the airport lounge which is smart casual, but if it is a long flight GOD do I just want my tracksuit.

  4. Johnny says:

    Airport style is something I don’t deeply think about beyond the weather at my destination. My “airport style” I just always think about dressing well and comfortable. That’s all.

    Although layers is an area I definitely need to get right more often than wrong though. I can’t be sitting on the plane one minute then next minute fighting the people around me to give me space to take off my bits of clothing. But yeah need to take a bit of inspiration from this post – and celebs like Margot of course cos Margot is 😍

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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