September 8, 2019

Memoirs: Wonders of Windsor – A Day Trip from London

Please note, my tour of Windsor was complimentary thanks to City Wonders. 

This past weekend I was whisked away to Windsor Castle for the day thanks to the team at City Wonders. I am always after any excuse to escape London even if its just for a few hours. Getting some quiet, some culture and seeing what is outside your city is so important. Not only for yourself as a learning experience but it’s important to support and of course experience tourism in your own country…

There is a whole world out there waiting for you after all. 

– Me

Londoners on Tour

We were met by our lovely guide, Danielle, underneath the big clock in London Waterloo station and chatted whilst the rest of the group arrived. I wasn’t sure how big the group was but we were reassured it was small and intimate (There were six of us in total) versus a production line style tour group. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re part of a herd. 

We caught the 13.23 train which got us into Windsor a little after 2.10pm. On the train journey, Danielle gave us a insight into British royal history and the scandals that went on back in the day. I studied British history in my schooling years and I must admit I hadn’t heard some of the stories I was told. However, I did remember good old Henry the 8th and his womanising ways. I was told to look out for his portrait in the state apartments at Windsor Castle.  

No Rest At The Kingdom 

I hadn’t been to Windsor Castle since I’d been dragged as a kid and frankly I couldn’t remember anything about it. However, Danielle informed us that Windsor Castle is the official home to the Queen (as well as 39 other monarchs previously) and over 900 years of history and. Harry and Meghan famously got married there last year and of course it is frequently visited by tourists from around the world due to the iconic royal status. 

What I loved about the castle? 

The grounds were immaculate, we even saw a few people being told off for standing on the grass.

Plenty of spots for photo opportunities; I would recommend visiting later in the day for less crowds. 

The random postboxes. I find it funny that someone would have to collect post from these daily. I wonder if the Queen uses them and who she is sending letters to, if she is…

St George’s Chapel was where Harry and Meghan were married and I was excited to see what it was like inside. You’re not allowed to take any photos which I’m glad to be honest. I would find it a little strange taking selfies in a religious  place anyway. The chapel is absolutely stunning and I couldn’t believe how well preserved it is. From the stain glass windows to the relics that symbolise things I need to Google to understand, it is truly a learning experience. 

What a state 

No photos are allowed to be taken in the State Apartments but that doesn’t mean I can’t describe it right? You can definitely smell the history once you walk in; it’s musty but it almost feels like you’re back in the 1600s if you put your phone away and take it all in. The paintings have nothing on the selfies us millennials take today, they almost looked hyper-real? I couldn’t believe how life-like they were and some of them were even life-size. 

Classic British Pub Grub

After exploring the castle for a few hours the hunger pains kicked in so myself and Emma (who you may identify as my BFF) found a pub just off Queen Charlotte street and strolled right on it. The prices are similar to London so if you’re looking for a bargain you may want to stick to a packed lunch… 

Of course you are also in afternoon tea-land and there are plenty of places around for that too. One question I may ask you is how do you pronounce ‘SCONE’? Tweet me here and let me know. 

And for those wondering, this is what is included in the tour:  

There is travel at home.

– Me

Getting out of London doesn’t have to involve getting on a plane. Sometimes getting on a train is just as fun and with no jet lag involved! There is definitely so much more to the UK than London and I really need to remember that. Over the next year I really want to visit Oxford, Bath, the Cotswolds and beyond.  

Have you ever been to Windsor? What day trips do you have planned from London? 

Char xo

Please note, my tour of Windsor was complimentary thanks to City Wonders; all views are my own.

6 responses to “Memoirs: Wonders of Windsor – A Day Trip from London”

  1. Meilifisayo says:

    This is a great review. Thank you for sharing

  2. Yaya says:

    I’ve never been! But definitely have to now! Lovely post 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this post! It was not only very informative, but it was also a much needed reminder that I need to get back to exploring other parts of the UK, ASAP. Windsor Castle is now on my fast growing list, it looks like it has absolutely stunning grounds. Although I love good ole British pub grub, there is really fish and chips at home, if outside London prices are matching the capital lol.

    Anyways, well done girl! Finna book a train ticket soon because of this.

    Mo x

  4. Tania says:

    I love reading you blog!

  5. Tajinder says:

    Loved the post dear, it’s a great reminder that there’s so much to see at home. There’s more to the UK than London and I definitely, need to explore. Hopefully, in the coming months, I’ll book a train to a random city for the day. Thanks for sharing!

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

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