September 6, 2015

Memoirs: #BloggersFestival 2015 – Event Roundup

So yesterday I attended and helped out at Bloggers Festival set up by the fantastic Scarlett! I had such an amazing time and it was great to see some fab brands and meet amazing new bloggers too. I had attended and helped out Scarlett last year and thought I would lend a hand this year as I really enjoyed it. 

The blogging world has really changed from the days of LiveJournal and MySpace (God I sound so OLD). Now it is more about getting noticed and being rewarded for your efforts. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I think you should blog because you love it and have something to say rather than  ‘OH BRANDS GIVE ME FREE STUFF’. Fortunately, I really liked a few of the brands at #BloggersFestival, in particular, Nanshy, Cloud 9 and Simply Be. There were many others there but these were just a few of the ones I really liked. 

All in all it – it was a fantastic day and my arm is killing me from carrying the goody bag home. I can’t wait to attend more events like this and I look forward to next year’s #BloggersFestival too!   

Special shout out goes to Scarlett, Abi and Danielle – check out their blogs! 

Char xo

8 responses to “Memoirs: #BloggersFestival 2015 – Event Roundup”

  1. scarlettlondon1 says:

    Thanks so much for coming along Charlotte, you did such a great job and it was so lovely to see you again! I really appreciate all of your fab help – I’m just sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat to you properly but we’ll plan a lunch with the girls soon 🙂 have a great rest of your weekend – and thanks again!

    Scarlett xx

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