November 25, 2016

Musings: Big Sexy Hair

I am always after that sleek, polished, just left the hairdresser hair but sadly genetics are against me. The only thing that really tames my hair is the odd Brazilian blow dry or trial and error with every single product under the sun which leads me onto…


I was kindly sent some products to review and I choose the ones specifically to work with my hair problems after styling. I mean it’s all fun and games until I step outside and the environment takes over… Remember Monica in Friends when they went to Barbados, well that’s ME. It is the humidity indeed… what could resist it?

The Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray contains polymers which is a substance with a unique structure that when sprayed onto your hair protect you against the hell that is humidity. Once I’d curled my hair for a rare night out, I sprayed this on top and left for the bar. Generally, I’m super paranoid about leaving my hair out on a night out as I don’t know how my hair is going to react. By the end of the night, my hair was still intact and it definitely helped with frizz which is a big bonus from me as it’s probably worse than humidity! I still had some of my curly roots come through but they weren’t as bad as they normally are. This is nothing against the spray at all, it’s more my natural hair type and me realising I’ll never have straight hair. I’m going to Cape Verde in a couple of weeks and I think the real test for this products will be in tropical humidity…

The next product I tried was the Sexy Hair Smooth Frizz Eliminator. This was an absolute godsend as I am a huge fan of up-dos. Especially for a slick back ponytail or a middle part ponytail a la Kim K. This product contains coconut oil which is a huge bonus as well as Vitamins K and E for that luxurious shine. This way you know your hair isn’t being overloaded with chemicals and can still flourish. I used this product by popping a 50p sized amount into my hand and smoothing over the top of my head. For extra slickness I would pop a little bit on to a boar bristle brush to really mean business.

Have you tried Sexy Hair products before?

Char xo

Please note these products were sent for me to review but all opinions are my own.

7 responses to “Musings: Big Sexy Hair”

  1. Big Sexy Hair you say? Yes please! Also like the look of the ‘Weather Proof’ product here, it caught my eye!

    Laura xx (#SheHeartsChat) 🙂

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