January 16, 2017

Guest Post: What Not To Do in Your Cabin Cruise Room*

Your cruise room is your chance to escape. You can get away from buffet crowds, the pool deck or even family members if grandma is proving to be a nuisance. The truth is that even on cruise ships, there are some things that you can’t do. Some of them are listed below.



If you smoke, you’ll need to take a walk. A lot of cruise providers have now banned smoking in their cabins and some of them even have it banned if you have a private balcony. The reason for this is because smoking and cigarettes really are a fire hazard. Ships have caught fire because of wayward ash in the past and a lot of people don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke in the halls either. It helps to read up on the smoking policy of the ship before you go ahead and book a holiday cruise, because you may spend most of your time in the cabin craving a cigarette rather than savouring the sights of the Caribbean.


Lighting Candles

You can’t really light a candle or burn incense. These are all fire-hazards but you are allowed to have straighteners with you. Just make sure that you turn them off after. So when the time does come for you book one of the many Fusion cruise packages that are available, make sure that you don’t pack your autumn scented candles.

Hairdryer Problems

This is a huge mystery but you need to blow dry your hair by the desk that is in your cabin rather than in your bathroom. That is usually where the designers of the ship like to put the right plug for the power of the hairdryer and if you don’t use this one then you are putting the whole ship at risk because it could cause a fire. The one in your bathroom is usually for shaving only.



Cabins on cruise ships are notorious for having thin walls. It helps to not have a full-blown argument across the ship because if you do then everyone will hear you. Sound travels very well and this is especially the case in connecting hallways. Keep the volume down and it also helps to keep the noise down on the TV as well.

Your Cabin Isn’t Always Private

Don’t run around nude. A lot of people come out of their bathroom in the nude and they have a shock when they realise that other cruisers can see them. This is especially the case if you are going on a river cruise where the boats dock next to each other. If you can see them, they can see you and this is a great rule to go by. Even if your blinds or curtains are closed, it is wise to throw on a towel just in case your cabin crew needs to come into the room for any reason.


The Balcony Door

When you sleep on a cruise, you will have the sound of the wind blowing right next to your ear and this will put you right to sleep. Cruise lines don’t like you to do this as the warm air that is coming into your room will cause the air conditioning to work twice as hard. This wastes a lot of energy on the ship and in some instances, fumes from the outside of the ship can come in through your window and set off the fire alarm.  This has happened to a lot of people, and you don’t want to end up like those!

Char xo

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