January 17, 2017

Memoirs: Juvadent Beauty – Event Roundup

Last Saturday I was invited to the #JuvadentBeautyEvent at the Chelsea All in One Spa in none other than London’s Chelsea neighbourhood. Shock! Horror! I have lived in London my entire life and I cannot recall actually visiting Chelsea once…?

I think I found a secret portal to LAX on the way too...

I think I found a secret portal to LAX on the way too…

I met up with Becky from Becky Bedbug for a spot of McDonald’s (We have a love affair over the McDifferences in the world) and a long walk down the King’s Road to the venue. We couldn’t help but pop into Lush (Biggest blogger cliché ever) and purchase a bath bomb or two… I went for The Comforter which smelt exactly like Ribena.


We then strolled down the ridiculously long King’s Road to the venue, passed ridiculously expensive shops and wondered if I’d ever be shopping here one day

The Roberto Cavilli store...

The Roberto Cavilli store…

We were greeted by Lauren and a glass of champagne (Bye dry January) and were told we needed to get a signature from each brand in order to receive our goodie bag at the end. This system was implemented at Big Blogger Expo and it’s a great way of pushing you out of your comfort zone and draw the line between bloggers and blaggers.


I first spoke to the ladies from FalseEyelashes.co.uk and was SO impressed with their lashes they had on. They were dramatic, natural and fluttery all at the same time. I choose a pair of Red Cherry lashes to try on in the style Wispy and was SO impressed with the results…

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I just need to practice and get the knack of it. As a contact lens wearer I’m conscious of having heavy eyes, but the lashes I had on felt so lightweight. I would compare it to having another layer of mascara on. I think I may need to add this step to my routine because the more I stare at this picture, the more I want those long lashes back on!

I have since been on the False Eyelashes website and there ARE SO MANY EYELASHES (1,000s to be precise). They have lashes, brown tools and mascaras for every budget so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. I’m keen to try the Lilly lashes as the lash band looks so sturdy and every time I peruse Instagram all my favourite MUAs seem to rave about them.

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I then spoke to Edge Nails where I learnt a bit about their products and everything they had on offer. They provide every mani and pedicure tool you could think of, so whether you’re looking to up your home kit or perhaps take it up professionally you can give yourself the edge… (pun intended).I have since tried the Annika polish given in our goodie bag and I must say I am surprised that the colour really suits me.


Very similar to OPIs Bubble Bath


I then spoke to ARK skincare who are a British brand specialising in high quality products free from parabens and any nasty additives which could be harmful to your skin. What I found most interesting is that their approach to skincare was by age and not by skintype (ie. combination, oily, dry). They have a whole range of products which are for teens/20s, 30s and 40+. I tried a few of the products on my hand and was really impressed with the quality, the fact they weren’t overly perfumed and that my skin really did look youthful and supple.

I mentioned I was a travel blogger and was given a few samples of the Hydration Injection Masque to try as these are apparently really good for long-haul journeys. There is nothing worse than that horrible feeling after getting off a long flight where your skin just feels dry, congested and just not the same due to the pressure in the air cabin. What I loved about this is the product is clear, so you’ll get no dodgy looks on the plane and you’ll arrive at your destination with fresh hydrated skin. I have a long haul flight in March and possibly a few more throughout the year, so I’ll be stashing these in my cabin bag!




I’d previously met the ladies from Juvadent last summer at the Big Blogger Expo which you can find out about here. Whilst I haven’t thought much about cosmetic procedures for myself, I always said I’d be getting a  little Botox the moment I turn 30 (which is closer than it seems). What I admire most about the two powerhouses behind Juvadent is their understanding, commitment and dedication to what they do. Watching Lauren’s video of her getting her lip fillers done, you could tell they were caring and informative about every step of the procedure.

img_5679 img_5616

There is a definitely a negative stigma attached to cosmetic procedures in the media and it all boils down to how YOU feel at the end of the day. If you want to change something and you feel like it’d make you happier – go for it. Just make sure you do your research, or book a consultation with Juvadent for more information.


It was a lovely evening and thanks to the lovely brands, the venue, the most hardworking event organise Lauren from LDN Meet up and the team from Juvadent Aesthetics.

Char xo

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