January 18, 2017

Memoirs: JoJo at KOKO – A Review

I will stand by the fact that music (well the music I like) was the best in the 90s and up to around 2006.

Singer JoJo caused a storm back in 2003 with her first single being released at the young age of 13 – LEAVE (GET OUT). Literally. She’s dipped in an out of the spotlight since then, dabbling in and out of acting whilst releasing music and mixtapes up until now. 

Her latest album ‘Mad Love’ was one of my forgotten favourites of 2016 and it and to finally see her live last night brought back SO many memories.

Performing a sold out gig at London’s KoKo meant I knew I’d be in a venue full of loyal fans who’ve grown up with her music throughout the years. It was easy to witness this with us all singing together to JoJo’s most popular hits – Leave (Get Out), Too Little Too Late, Baby It’s You and most of her new album. 

Wearing a sheer sparkly kaftan/jumpsuit concoction – JoJo has definitely matured and shed the ‘child star’ label she was once typecast for. Without wanting to delve too much into the actual show, all I can say is that she really is a talented singer. Not once did I hear any out of breath notes, all that was in the room was love. Love for JoJo, love for her fans and love for her music. Here are a few glimpses into what I witnessed… 



Some may say, why the hell am I going to see someone from back in the day? But I stand by the fact this is what I love to play. 

Although I’m teetering the fine lines of my life where everything is falling apart and coming together, music will always be a much appreciated constant. I love going to see musicians live because of the connection with the artist, the atmosphere and because nothing is the same as just listening to it on your iPod. 

If you’re looking for some good Pop/R&B to listen to that doesn’t involve the use of autotune I’d definitely give Mad Love a listen. 

Char xo 

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