March 21, 2017

Musings: My Holy Grail Concealers

I have naturally dark eyes. Think raccoon, panda or just too many late nights. It used to really bother me until I discovered the realm of make up and all things concealer. Let me guide you through my shades of coverage with my holy grail products…

For reference, my skin is Dry/Normal and this is me without concealer…


I look tired…

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel

This was my absolute holy grail concealer until I few other alternatives which I have covered below. It’s creamy, silky, brightening and concealing all at the same time. It’s great for the undereye earlier, spot concealing, highlighting areas or to conceal any smile lines. It works so well alone or with the Nars All Day Weightless Luminous foundation (what a mouthful). My only gripe with the product now that I’ve tried others is that it’s SO expensive (£24), I literally went through one of these every other month.

Look at those BAGS

I’ve also tried the Nars stick concealer in the shade ‘Amande’ and this is great for spot concealing or those days when you want matte coverage but don’t want a full face of foundation.

Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NC45

Described as ‘A fluid concealer that provides medium to full matte coverage for up to 15 hours’. This is exactly what it does. It leans slightly over to the orange side, which is perfect for me as it cancels out my dull grey under eyes. I found myself leaning towards this more over my Nars Radiant Creamy concealer as it gave me a lot more coverage.

I think my only gripe with this product is the glass bottle; I had dropped this SO many times and each time I looked down I expected an NC45 spillage…

LA Pro Girl concealer in Toffee

Sometimes I’m a little mistrusting of drugstore brands but every now and then a gem comes along that makes me want to shop there forever. I’d been told to try the LA Pro Girl concealers for years but only finally got round to it in 2016. I couldn’t believe how cheap these were (Around £2.80 on eBay) and don’t get me started on the shade range (SO MUCH CHOICE). I ended up ordered three – one for highlighting, one for concealing and one to attempt contouring. This concealer reminds me a lot of the Mac Pro Longwear but the consistency is a little bit more watery. Great for travel, on the go or as an alternative to a high-end concealer, you can’t go wrong with this cult classic.

Resting b*tch eyes…

Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Deep Peach

This is described as ‘A wakeup call for tired eyes—this essential corrector brightens and covers discolouration under the eyes utilising a pink- or peach-based formula to neutralise undereye darkness.’

The texture of this reminds me of the Mac Studio Tech foundation, creamy but matte. But best of all its lightweight, which colour correcting should be; you don’t want to feel like a ten layer cake. I really loved this product BUT I often reach for it when I’m going out and not for everyday as I find this is just another step in my routine, that is already long as it is.

Kiko Concealer in Terracota

This is not quite my match as it’s a little too orange BUT works great as a colour correcter to cancel out my hyper-pigmentation. The size is perfect for hand luggage and it’s enriched with Vitamin E so super hydrating too!

What are your holy grail concealers and colour correctors?

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