June 20, 2017

Musings: Love At First Light – My Interior Wishlist

Sia wrote about swinging from the chandeliers, but today I’m writing about placing one of them in my future home. Sure, I’m not moving out any time soon but thanks to Pinterest, I can plan ahead. I get it’s love at first light? I’ve been inspired by a few pieces over at Dandelion Interiors, where you can browse stylish statement pieces for your home from the comfort of your bed. Here are a few of my favourite picks.


Who doesn’t love the typical New York loft apartment? This is my ultimate dream apartment with exposed beams, brickwork and making the most of a small space… Not only that, I would go to town with furnishing, from vintage style tables and intricate mirrors, it’d be so hard to choose. What would you go for?

Swinging from the Chandelier…

Wikipedia describes Chandeliers as a decorative light fixture mounted on ceilings or walls. Chandeliers are often ornate’. Ornate is my middle name, as much as I love minimalist designs, there is something so beautiful about the craftsmanship of a chandelier. It can create contrast in a shabby chic home or pull together a well-furnished room. They are stylish, sophisticated and I know for me they’d have a place at home in the bedroom. You can find them here. Do take a look at my Pinterest mood board for size:

You’re so Art Deco…

I’ve written about my fascination with the Art Deco movement in the past and what better way to bring together a wedding venue with a nod to the Great Gatsby era? The gorgeous lamp would be a wonderful addition to a guestbook signing table or dotted around as your table centerpieces. Best of all, you can take them home afterwards! You can find them here.

Why don’t you take a browse through the Dandelion Interiors website and I’m sure you’ll believe in love at first light.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative Post in partnership with Dandelion Interiors.

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