June 23, 2017

Musings: Spend More Time and Less Money

What’s the number one thing that stops people from being able to travel? The answer: money, of course! The most common reason why people don’t manage to do as much travelling as they wish they could is because of a lack of funds. Traveling doesn’t come cheap, there is no doubt about that, which is why a lack of funds can put the brakes on your dreams of travelling the world.


However, just because a lack of funds can impact your ability to travel the world, that doesn’t mean that it has to. The fact is that even if you have a small budget, it is still possible to travel the world, you just have to be a little more creative about how you go about getting from A to B, that’s all.


Whether you want to Interrail around Europe, island hop in Greece, or soak up the sun on a Spanish beach; you can do it on a budget, it’s just a case of being smart about it, that’s all. By taking note of the below hacks, that dream trip might be within your reach after all, even if money is tight.



Reduce the cost of your airfare


One of the most expensive parts of any trip is the cost of the airfare. The fact is that plane tickets don’t tend to come cheap, which is why it’s so vital to master the hacks of reducing the cost of your airfare. One option, if you plan on travelling around the world, is to buy an around the world ticket that gives you unlimited travel within a set period of time. This should help to make travelling around that little bit more affordable. Another way to reduce the cost of your plane tickets is to be mindful of the times and dates when you book to fly at. There are certain times that are considered to be peak times – aka the most popular times to travel – and these are always the most expensive. To keep costs low, aim to travel during school term time and avoid the festive season unless you are willing to travel on Christmas Day itself. As for times, the best time to travel is late at night or early in the morning as this is when flights tend to be cheapest.


Invest in a property


A great way to fund your travel, if you have savings and the ability to get a mortgage, that is, is to invest in a property to rent out abroad. Holiday lets have the potential to bring in triple the amount of money that residential lets can bring in, which is why when it comes to funding your travel, holiday lets are your best bet. Use resources like the Competa properties website to have a browse at the prices that properties abroad tend to go for and determine if investing in one is affordable. If you aren’t able to invest alone, consider teaming up with a friend or relative. Investment is always a risk, but if you pick a property that is in a popular travel destination and close to all of the best local amenities, the risk is minimal. Plus, if it helps you to fund your travel, surely it is worth it?


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Freelance while you travel


When it comes to earning while you travel, freelancing is one of the best options. While you could opt to work in the hospitality sector, it is much easier to freelance if you plan on travelling here, there and everywhere and simply going with the flow. Whether you have a skill for writing, have experience working as a virtual assistant, or take fantastic photographs, freelancing could be a great way to earn as you travel. You can put aside a few hours each day to work and then enjoy the rest of your time abroad. Thanks to smart devices like tablets and smartphones and the fact that the internet is everywhere, freelancing has become easier than ever before.


Look into working abroad


Not got the skills to freelance? That’s okay; you could always opt to work abroad full-time instead. Whether you work in the care sector as a nurse or doctor, in education as a teacher or teaching assistant, or work in business, you have the option of choosing to move and work abroad. In your free time, when you are not at work, you can explore the area and travel a little further afield. Then, every few months, you can look to move again to another area, so that you get to travel around a large percentage of the world, working as you go.

Travel as part of a group


Another way to keep travel costs low and more affordable is to travel as part of a group. The fact is that group travel always tends to be cheaper, this is because a lot of companies, from plane companies to accommodation companies, offer group booking discounts, which can help to keep the cost of your travel lower. If you don’t have a group of people to travel with, you could always advertise online to find some travel buddies. For this, groups like Facebook are ideal, where you can post about looking for travel buddies, can be a great resource for finding people to travel with, helping to reduce your overall travel costs. Twitter can also be a great resource for finding travel buddies, as can Instagram. A lot of travellers also find that forums can be useful too.


There you have it, everything that you need to know about spending more time travelling and making it cheaper to see the world. It’s not always easy to do this, but by taking note of the inspiration and ideas above, you can make the process of cutting your travel costs much easier. The fact is that travel will never come cheap, but if you are smart about things, you can make travel more affordable, meaning that you see more of the world.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.

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