July 12, 2017

Musings: My #Summer2017 Playlist

I’m off to Mexico in November and whilst it may not be summer in the Northern hemisphere, the summer in the Southern one never stops. This year there seems to be a wave of Latino-inspired songs in the charts and it brings back a few memories from the songs I used to listen to into my teenage years. Here are a few of my faves for #Summer2017…

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber – Despacito

I love this song as it made learn that ‘Despacito’ means slowly and that is how I want all my weekends and holidays to be from now on… DESPACITO…


DJ Khaled ft. Bryson Tiller Rihanna – Wild Thoughts

This song has was only released a few weeks ago but it has been played EVERYWHERE. Put Rihanna on a track and it will be around forever, remember when we were all singing WORKWORKWORK?


Enrique – Bailamos

Good old Enrique, the days before he removed the mole. This song always gets me in the mood for summer due to its uptempo energy, it almost makes me wanna book that salsa class.


Rupert Holmes – Pina Colada Song

Probably a random one on my Summer 2017 playlist BUT who doesn’t like pina colada’s and getting caught in rain?


Jennifer Lopez – Waiting for Tonight

I can’t believe how old this song is how much J.Lo hasn’t aged one bit! May we all wait for tonight and have someone to hold in our arms (and hopefully still be there in the morning). For all other things Jennifer Lopez, check out my post on her style here.


Christina Aguilera – Infatuation

This song will always remind me of those summer romances that weren’t here for a long time but a good time. You gotta enjoy them for what they are and not dwell on that mysterious stranger…

What I love most about associating music and travel is the memories you’ve made in a place and the connection the song gives you. I always make playlists based on the places I’ve been or are planning to go and it really helps me get in the mood and remember things that have happened abroad (good or bad). I can remember singing Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ in front of a load of people in Turkey and I can also remember listening to the Lemonade album on my solo trip to Milan. These moments will always stay with me, and whilst I may not share everything, I hope I’ve given you a little insight into my guilty pleasures for Summer 2017!

What are songs that get you in the mood for summer? Or perhaps you have some songs that trigger a specific holiday memory? Let me know by commenting below or tweet me and @Destination2 with the hashtag #Summer2017. I cannot wait to hear your picks!

Char xo

Post in collaboration with Destination2 holidays. You can check out their amazing luxury deals here, I have my eye on the Maldives next!

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  2. There is some absolute bangers here! Great playlist 🙂
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