July 13, 2017

Musings: Sippin’ with Mad Hatter Tea

If you’ve never heard of Café Wonderland… I’m sure you’ve been wondering about it. They are a family run business in the North of England, Yorkshire to be precise and their team holds over 25 years’ experience in the food and beverages industry. You can bet they know their stuff and if it’s one thing Yorkshire is known for, apart from Emmerdale, it’s TEA!


I was kindly sent some of their new range, Mad Hatter Tea, to try and whilst my name isn’t Alice, it is a little taste of wonderland. I’ve drunk a few cups of these and I am yearning for more. It is a full-bodied flavour and upon drinking it feels like home. This is the perfect tea to unwind in the evening or indulge in on a Sunday afternoon. It is described as having a perfect balance of colour and flavour to tantalise the tastebuds; I wholeheartedly agree.
Not only that, the packaging is certainly memorable too, so if you’re ever thinking of having your own afternoon tea, it’d certainly be a talking point. Or you can do what I do and take them with you on your travels! I recently took them with me on my trip to Cornwall as some brands of tea aren’t up to my preference…

You had me at coffee

You think you’ve tasted good coffee and then you try more, your taste palette is excited with new and exciting tastes and you get to become a little more awake in the process. I used to absolute hate coffee until I started working. But fast-forward a few years working full time and I barely function without it. My only rule is no coffee after 3pm. Anyway, here are a few of what I sampled…


Described as ‘a smooth, medium-bodied coffee with a distinctively Columbian nuttiness, with delicate caramel and citrus notes’.
This reminded me of my trip to the Dominican Republic back in 2013 and I really loved the nutty flavour infused with the slight caramel notes.


Described as ‘a very dark roast with a smooth flavour. There’s hints of fruitiness in the blend, as well as hints of liquorice’.
If I’m honest, this one wasn’t my cup of tea (excuse the pun), as I didn’t really like the fruit aspect as I prefer this in a tea but it was interesting, to say the least! However my mom tried this and she loved it, noting that it was unusual for a coffee to have fruity notes.

Fairtrade Blend

This was the perfect coffee to me, full bodied and rich, I loved the taste and looked forward to the aroma floating through my kitchen every morning.

What are your favourite coffee and tea brands? 
Char xo
Please note, these delicious teas and coffees were sent for my review but all views are my own. 

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