October 25, 2017

​Musings: Getting Around Town with CabinZero

The more I travel more I realise I need something sturdy on my back. Long gone are the days that I would buy a cheap hand luggage style bag from Primark and shove all my clothes in only for it to break after a few uses. These days (well I am getting old), quality trumps quality. 

When the lovely team at CabinZero got in touch with me to try one of their backpacks I was really excited to try it. I’d actually been looking for a new backpack because the one I have been using is actually my little brother’s  year 7 bag (embarrassing, I know) and I think it’s time I gave it back. Not only that, the lack of compartments become a bit of a struggle when trying to find something during a flight or when out and about.


I choose the Classic 28L Ultra Light Cabin bag in ‘Urban Camo’ which is one of the most popular colours in over 20 countries! Great minds think alike right? But as my wardrobe tends to lean towards black, grey and khaki, I knew it’d fit right in and as the years go on camo never goes out of style.

I love army print as it pulls in an outfit so well. Not only that, it doesn’t look like a ‘OHMYGOD you’re going travelling kinda backpack’, it blends seamlessly into my everyday city life and it would make a great gym bag or carrying your laptop round for work. But best of all, you know this bag will fit on all of those budget flights. There is nothing worse than the panic of having to fit it into one of those metal grates to check it fits and wiping the sweat off your forehead knowing you won’t have to pay a ridiculous fee (often more than the flight and the bag put together).

How big?

In terms of size, it’s perfect for getting around town but even better as hand luggage. In terms of features, it has side compression straps, top and side handles, oversized padded straps with air mesh, a front zipped pocket with inside zipped and mesh pockets. What I loved most was the wide straps, it made the bricks I was carrying as light as a feather. I don’t actually carry bricks but I was staying at my my best friend’s house so I had to carrying EVERYTHING with me! As you get older, you realise its important to look after yourself and you have to look after your back too especially when travelling. No one wants to have to see a chiropractor halfway through their trip right?

Other additional standard features include:


 What does it feature?

One of my favourite features of the bag was the compartments, from the one on the exterior, to the internal ones, this is exactly everything I wanted in a cabin luggage bag. I have space to put my documents, somewhere safe to put laptop or iPad and storage for any small loose items like coins and make up. Best of all, when you do come back from a trip and you’ve bought something like clothing or other little bits and pieces, there are straps to extend the size of the bag, so hopefully the flight attendant turns a blind eye when checking your ticket to get on the plane.

Where to next?

I will be off to Mexico in a few weeks (if I haven’t said it enough already) and I cannot wait to see how this handles on a long haul journey. I really hope I don’t have to use the Okoban tracker though, but I’m glad to now it’s there for me!

They range from 28L to 44L and are priced between £50 and £99.50 which is brilliant considering they have up to a 25 year free of charge warranty.

Just how many places will you take yours?

Char xo

Please note, this product was sent for my review, but all views are my own.

6 responses to “​Musings: Getting Around Town with CabinZero”

  1. meghanramsey1 says:

    I’m with you – I love a good army print too. The size of this backpack is also perfect! I love that it can fit a bunch but not be too bulcky. Will have to look into getting this backpack!

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  5. Ricardo Da Costa says:

    I still use my Nike backpack, the one I used for school LOOOOL

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