October 26, 2017

Musings: My Christmas Wishlist for Millenials Like Me

I can’t believe I’m posting this in October…


Every year around this time my Twitter feed is filled with gift guides and whilst they are great an all, these are the things I really want. To be honest, I’m sick of seeing advent calendars that don’t contain any chocolate and gift guides telling me to buy xyz for people I don’t care about. 

The best gifts can’t be bought… HA who am I kidding, I’m a millennial, I live in the age of social media… this is what we all want deep down right?

Unlimited Uber credit

I’m SICK TO DEATH OF GETTING ON THE TUBE. Imagine life getting Uber EVERYWHERE with no more inhaling scents of the general public… 

Financial Stability

This goes without saying. I gotta lifestyle to live and maintain (that’s a lie, I’m a bargain hunter). TBH I just wanna be financially stable enough to book a trip to FIJI every other month and have an Canary Wharf apartment overlooking the Thames.


An electric car

We’ll probably all get second hand Prius’ next year if Uber goes *cries* 

A cat

Honestly, cats make everything better.

Nail polish that doesn’t chip

IT’s 2017, why hasn’t this happened yet? 

A man who understands and respects my needs

I’ll be wishing for this until 2055 by the looks of it.

Kris Jenner - No dates!

Smartphone, dumb battery

Phones cost £4,930430,03940394 these days but the batteries barely last a day. Where is the logic? 

All achievements to be celebrated no matter how big or small…

This is one that really bugs me, some people put so much emphasis on reaching those milestones set by ‘society’ (e.g weddings, houses, babies) that they overlook the things that happen in everyday life. So I wish for people to think a little deeper when it comes to this one cos someone’s getting outta bed when they’re going through shit should be as celebrated as another dribbling baby on the timeline.


Char xo

This post is supposed to be a mess, much like my life. 

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  1. thewanderingfeminista says:

    Okay, but that Kris Jenner meme is my life 😂😂

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    […] A flat stomach and no cellulite, I have to be honest with myself, oh and financial stability. […]

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